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30th November, 2016By Ian Morris
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Parent's Guide

What is Mark McMorris Infinite Air?

Mark McMorris Infinite Air a realistic snowboarding simulator that offers a more challenging take on the extreme sport. With several celebrity snowboarders lending their likeness to the game - and the ability to create your own - you'll be able to take to the slopes (or head off piste) as you compete in a variety of tournaments, and strive to pull off the biggest and best tricks.

How do you play Mark McMorris Infinite Air?

Infinite Air has a variety of ways for you to delve into the action. For starters, the game comes with a variety of what it calls "circuits" - essentially single player competitions that pit you against a bunch of computer controlled snowboarders in a tournament, a single snowboarder in a head to head, or simply let you take to the hills on your own, with a score to beat. Each circuit has five challenges for you to complete, whether it's scoring over a certain number of points on each run, performing a certain trick, or coming first over all - and by completing the challenges, you can unlock more circuits.

While heading down the mountain, you'll also occasionally come across random orbs. These orbs are actually custom challenges that other players have set - and you can take them on at the touch of a button. You can also create these challenges yourself. At any time while heading down the mountain, all you have to do is press a button to start recording your run. If you think you set a good score, you can choose to upload it, and let others from around the world challenge you.

The game also comes with a full world editor, which lets you place objects, create runs, and even tweak the snow to your liking - although like the rest of the game, the emphasis here is on complexity, making the editor complex to use.

How easy is Mark McMorris Infinite Air to pick up and play?

Aimed at those who like a real challenge from their extreme sports games, Mark McMorris pushes for realism with a very steep learning curve.

As the developer's idea of realism drives everything in the game, the controls in Mark McMorris are hugely different to those in similar snowboarding games, like Amped. For starters, there's no jump "button" here - instead, you'll need to flick the right analogue stick up and down if you want to leave the ground - while the game also only allows you very minimal control over your character in mid-air. Instead of letting you freely adjust your move in mid air, here, you have to "prep" a move on the ground before you take off - and trying to figure out how much you'll need to "charge" a flip so you land on your feet, rather than on your head can take some practice. Losing too much speed - or conversely, picking up too much - is also easy to do, and with cluttered runs, where there's always a ramp, grind rail, or wayward tree nearby, and it only takes the slightest of knocks to send you rolling, it'll take a lot of effort, and practice, to avoid coming a cropper.

As the game locks off the vast majority of its circuits until you've completed a certain number of challenges, this simply adds to the already steep learning curve, as you'll need to manage to complete a majority of the available challenges in order to unlock the next set of circuits.

Mature Content

With nothing in the way of swearing, bad language, or sex, Mark McMorris Infinite Air is free of any mature content.

As the game does have an online mode, the usual warnings about online safety apply. Your device's parental controls can be used to restrict a child's interactions with others online.

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