Zootropolis Figures Hit Disney Infinity in March

Fox Nick Wilde and rabbit cop Judy Hopps join the Toy Box

Zootropolis Figures Hit Disney Infinity in March  Everybody Plays
17th February, 2016

Looking back to the pre-Christmas rush, it's been a while since the folks at Disney released some figures for their latest foray into the toys to life genre, Disney Infinity 3.0. Now that the blockbuster Star Wars: The Force Awakens Play Set and raft of figures to go with it have hit the shelves, everything's been a little quiet - but not for much longer. Tiding over Disney fans until the upcoming Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set lands at the end of next month, two all new figures, based on the main characters from the upcoming Easter holiday film, Zootropolis, will be joining the Disney Infinity line-up on the 4th March.

For those of you that are a little out of the loop, Zootropolis, or Zootopia as it's known over in America, is the latest in a long line of Disney CG films, hitting cinemas everywhere next month. Set in a world populated by various anthropomorphic animals, Zootropolis follows the story of a new police recruit, Judy Hopps, on her first real case - trying to get to the bottom of a slew of mysterious disappearances. Partnering with the fast-talking con-artist fox Nick Wilde, the pair take off on a comedic adventure that seems to have real potential, packing more laughs into the teaser trailer than the Good Dinosaur managed in the whole film (to be honest, we were probably too busy sniffling to notice the jokes). To tie in with the new film, Disney Infinity 3.0, the figure-based 'toys to life' game will be getting figures of the stars, Judy and Nick.

Judy Hopps (no prizes for guessing which one that is) and Nick Wilde.

Much like with Skylanders and LEGO Dimensions, placing these figures onto the game's included portal will bring the character to life in your game, with each character having their own unique set of skills and attacks too. For reasons we're not entirely sure of, wily fox Nick likes to smash his enemies with a humongous ice lolly - or if said enemy is too far away, he can always chuck the whole thing instead. Judy meanwhile has a rather impressive jump (presumably because she's a rabbit), and her speed really comes into it's own during her melee punch and kick combos, while her pistols come in handy for ranged attacks too. Bear in mind though that these two figures will only work in Disney Infinity 3.0's more free-form Toy Box mode, as there's no Zootropolis Play Set.

The figures aren't the only Zootropolis-themed bits and pieces coming to Disney Infinity 3.0 - launching alongside Nick and Judy will be a pack of four 'Power Discs', which can be placed on your portal for a variety of effects. There's an alternative costume for each of the characters, turning Nick into his 'Officer Wilde' policeman's uniform and Judy into her 'Meter Maid Judy' outfit, as she wore when she worked as a traffic warden. The remaining two Power Discs can be used to give your Toy Box a distinctly Zootropolis feel, with the Sahara Square Sands textures and Stars Over Sahara Square skydome discs changing your scenery and skies respectively.

Both the Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps figures and the Zootropolis Power Disc Pack will be available come the 4th March (1st March in America), and can be pre-ordered from various retailers now, with the figures retailing for about £15 (at Amazon) and the discs for about £7 (also from Amazon).
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