World of Final Fantasy gets a pop-up book with its Collector's Edition!

Head-stacking chibi role-playing game's special edition includes all kinds of goodies; Day One edition on the way too!

World of Final Fantasy gets a pop-up book with its Collectors Edition  Everybody Plays
22nd July, 2016

Everything's coming up Final Fantasy this year, with the famous Japanese role-playing game series getting not one, but two instalments in the space of a month this autumn. The word on everyone's lips may be Final Fantasy XV's emo road trip, which kicks off at the end of September, but we can't help thinking the little cutesy spin-off, World of Final Fantasy, looks much more promising. A bit more of a traditional Final Fantasy, it follows a pair of amnesiac twins lost in the storybook-like Grimoire, trying to regain their memories. The best bit? Its turn-based battles have a bit of a twist - party members can stack on each other's heads to add an extra layer of strategy (or just because they fancied wearing a Chocobo for a hat). Its launch may be a couple of months away yet, but Square Enix have recently revealed two special editions you can put your name down for right now!

World of Final Fantasy Screenshot

Apparently, the order you stack in battle will have different effects.

The fanciest - and most expensive - of the bunch is the Collector's Edition, a £100 Final Fantasy extravaganza for the Playstation 4. Unfortunately sidestepping the PS Vita, this special bundle comes with the traditional (twenty track) soundtrack CD full of music from the game, three mini figurines of Final Fantasy favourite characters Cloud, Lightning and Squall in their chibi bobblehead designs, an 80 page hardback artbook and five extra digital download bonuses - a Sephiroth summon for battle; a white Chocobo; glow Moogle; and red Bonnetberry, which we're assuming can be added to your party/taken into battle/worn as a hat; along with what we're imagining will be a pretty hefty download, adding the Japanese voice overs, letting all three of those vocal hardcore fans who hate English dubbing play with their preferred voices. But that's not everything - arguably the coolest of the bunch, your World of Final Fantasy Collector's Edition comes packaged inside a bonus pop-up art book, featuring various scenes from the game recreated in 3D paper cuts over it's pages. Given that the whole of the aforementioned Collector's Edition items fit inside it, that means it's a pretty big book too!

Dat book... #swag

For the more budget-concious players, or those that would rather have their cutesy role-playing fix on the smaller screen of the PS Vita, there's also a second, albeit nowhere near as impressive, bundle available. At £49.99 for the Playstation 4, and £29.99 for the PS Vita, Square Enix are offering a pair of Day 1 Editions for both games, pre-orderable from their Square Enix online store, which all come with the same batch of five downloads as the Collector's Edition. So, that means you'll be able to get your paws on the Sephiroth summon, white Chocobo, glow Moogle and Red Tonberry party members (we assume) and everyone's favourite Japanese voice over DLC. As with all Day 1 Editions, there'll be a limited number on offer - and once they're gone, you'll be stuck with the regular vanilla versions sans bonus downloads, so make sure you get in quick!

World of Final Fantasy will be hitting the Playstation 4 and PS Vita on the 28th October this year - and we can't wait to get stacking! Why not check out the latest trailer below:

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