What are Game Freak, the Pokemon devs, working on next?

SEGA tease partnership with Pokemon team, elephants, and grenades

What are Game Freak the Pokemon devs working on next  Everybody Plays
10th March, 2015

What are the Pokémon developers working on next? Well, if a postcard that's arrived at Everybody Plays towers is to be believed, it's something that's a radical departure from their usual "gotta catch 'em all" selves.


Showing nothing other than what appears to be a peanut firing pachyderm zooming across the card, with the odd grenade mixed in with the peanuts, there's really very little to go on here - but we can at least draw a few conclusions.

1) It's not a new Pokémon game
2) It'll feature elephants
3) It seems at least unlikely to be another space marine shooter. Although let's face it - a shooter where you play as an elephant space marine does sound like an awesome concept...

Still, whatever it is, the combination of Game Freak and SEGA has us interested. While the last non-Pokémon Game Freak game we played, the musical Harmonknight didn't exactly blow us away, it's not often Game Freak miss the target. While SEGA have recently had a restructuring/downsizing as of late in order to focus on mobile games, we'll be hoping that their newest title finds its way to the 3DS at the very least - seeing as the studio has yet to make a mobile exclusive title...

Still, we'll know for sure what's brewing tomorrow. Make sure you check back then.
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