Trade In Detectives help find the best deals

With an expensive Christmas ahead, comparison site helps make the most of your money

Trade In Detectives help find the best deals  Everybody Plays
2nd October, 2013

Although we don't really want to be the ones to say it (after all, it is only the first week of October), there isn't actually all that long left until Christmas - and that can only mean one thing. Games. Lots of games. With dozens of incredible looking titles coming out between now and the big day - including two brand new games consoles - wallets around the country will soon be crying out in pain, as they're emptied in exchange for all manner of video game goodness. Whether you're getting a Wii U as a present for the family, or Knack tempts you into buying a PS4, 2013 is looking to be one of the most expensive years ever - with little in the way of offers or price drops to help soften the blow. In fact, with PS4 games looking to weigh in at £55 - £60, (compared to a price of $59.99 in the US, or £45 including VAT) things could get even tighter still.

Which is where the new trade-in comparison site, Trade In Detectives comes in. Set up by two ex-GAME execs, who arguably understand the trade-in market as well as anyone, the Trade In Detectives site will help find the best trade-in deals for your games, letting you swap your old games towards brand spanking new ones, making your money go that little bit further.

Knack Screenshot

Fancy playing Knack? Trade-ins can help make it all the more affordable.

While we didn't actually think there was all that much difference in the trade in offers - a couple of quid's difference between GAME or CEX was the most we ever saw, the Trade In Detectives site lists a whole host of other options that we'd never even heard of - and a much wider variety of prices. A PS3 160 GB slim, for example, will fetch £15 at the lowest end of the scale, up to a whopping £100 at the other - over six times as much!

With two new consoles and dozens of games coming out, trading old games in for cash or credit is always a huge help for people who really want to play the latest and greatest, but can't quite stretch to afford everything they want. As much as some powers in the games industry may be opposed to the pre-owned market (with the argument being that none of the money from pre-owned sales goes to the publishers, so they view it effectively as being "a sale lost"), with prices being as they are, we don't see it going anywhere any time soon. £50 is a lot of money to shell out for a brand new game, and even knocking a couple of pounds off it helps soften the blow. Until something forces the industry's hand, and brings prices down to something more affordable, trade-ins will continue to be the way most people can afford the new games they want - and the Trade In Detectives helps your money go further. Well worth a look, we think.
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