The residents in Animal Crossing: New Leaf want you to move in

New tourism trailer shows off things to do around town

The residents in Animal Crossing New Leaf want you to move in  Everybody Plays
11th April, 2013

The ultimate in relaxation gaming, Animal Crossing: New Leaf has been on many 3DS owners wishlists for a while now – after all, it was announced in tandem with the 3DS way back in 2010. Yet with it's June release still seeming an impossibly long way off, Nintendo have decided to release a new trailer to celebrate the fact we still have two months to go.

For those of unfamiliar with the series, it's probably best to imagine the Sims, with animals, and something of a Nintendo twist. Plonking you in a city that revolves around you, everything moves at your pace, and you can kill time doing whatever you choose. As a newcomer to the virtual town, it's up to you to befriend the locals (and inevitably run errands for them), fill the museum with exhibits and pay off your mortgage, all while expanding and furnishing your home – and for New Leaf you have other duties too, as a small mix-up means you've just been made the mayor!

Animal Crossing New Leaf Screenshot

Dancing in the moonlight, everybody's feeling warm and bright, it's such a fine and natural sight

Our new Animal Crossing towns may well be a few months off, but that doesn't mean the inhabitants are going to rest on their laurels – in fact, the tourism department has gone into overdrive, producing a brand new trailer to add to the hype. Showcasing the kinds of stuff you can get up to in the game, from the series staples of digging up fossils, catching insects and fishing, to chatting with the locals, doing a spot of shopping – for furniture and clothes – as well as catching some rays on the beach, some of the new activities featured in the trailer include swimming in the sea, diving beneath the waves for rare finds, and hitting a nightclub to party the night away with canine guitarist K.K Slider manning the decks.

While it doesn't show anything we didn't already know about (and you can check our our preview of the game for more) – it's enough to get us counting down the days till release. And staring daggers at the folks in Japan who've been able to play it since last November. As for Europe, Animal Crossing: New Leaf hits stores on the 14th of June – for those keeping count at home, that's just 64 days away. Or 1,536 hours. Or 92,160 minutes. We'll stop now:

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