The Wolf Among Us series due out this summer

Telltale's next episodic games series based on the DC Fables comics

The Wolf Among Us series due out this summer  Everybody Plays
4th April, 2013

Those masters of digital storytelling, Telltale Games are no stranger to comic book adaptations. From their recent smash hit based on The Walking Dead, to one of our favourite series of point and click adventures, Sam & Max, which follows the story of the dog and rabbity thing freelance police, Telltale have delved into the world of comic books for some of their best games - and so it should come as no surprise that they're at it again for their latest.

Based on Bill Willingham's (apparently) famous comic book series Fables, which has been ongoing since 2002, we'll admit that we haven't actually come across it before - but it certainly sounds like an interesting setting for a game. Acting as a prequel to the comic book series, Fables centres around a bunch of fairytale characters banished from their homes and forced to live in secret in New York, with the sheriff Bigby Wolf (formally known as the Big Bad Wolf) keeping law and order. Offering a darker, and more twisted take on the traditional fairytales, it's up to you, playing as the cigarette-smoking, trench-coat-wearing detective to keep the likes of the Three Little Pigs and the car-stealing Mr. Toad out of trouble.

The closest we have to screenshots of the game...

While little has been revealed so far about how the episodic series will play out, the Fables comics seem to play to Telltale's many strengths - with strong characters and a heavy emphasis on the story, much like in The Walking Dead, the choices you make will decide the fate of the people you meet in the game. Quite how many degrees of freedom you'll be offered remains to be seen - whether you can choose to play the good cop and  keep everyone happy, or go rogue and turn those Three Little Pigs into bacon - but it's pretty much guaranteed you'll be faced with all sorts of difficult decisions and moral dilemmas along the way. Aside from this, there's precious little information currently in the public space – which means we'll have to wait until Telltale decide to lift the lid a bit more.

The Wolf Among Us will be up for download episodically (presumably for another pocket money price) on the Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network and PC this summer, with a second series of the rather successful The Walking Dead to follow in the autumn. And with Telltale's spin-off Poker Night 2 out by the end of the month, it's shaping up to be a rather good year on the Telltale front. Now, how about a new Sam & Max game, just to round things off?
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