The Smurfs 2 invading consoles this July

WayForward developed platformer ties in with upcoming film

The Smurfs 2 invading consoles this July  Everybody Plays
11th April, 2013

As the saying would have gone had it related to tiny blue Belgians, you can't keep a good Smurf down - or a bad one, for that matter. Despite being panned by film critics, the 2011 film, which told the tale of the Smurfs getting stranded in New York, apparently did well enough to garner a sequel, which is due for a release this summer. And, as is now traditional, that means we'll be getting a game to go with it.

The Smurfs 2 Screenshot

Looking fabulous

But while film tie-in games tend to be a bit hit and miss - mostly due to the short development time that goes hand in hand with having to release in sync with a film - we're fairly confident that this one may be something to keep an eye on. Developed by WayForward, the folks behind the amazing Batman: The Brave and the Bold and the newly-announced DuckTales remake, the Smurfs are certainly in good hands on the developer side of things, while the publisher, Ubisoft, managed to rustle up a surprisingly good dancing game to tie-in in with the previous Smurfs film too, packed with songs and clips from the film.

From what we've heard so far, it sounds like the game will mostly follow the storyline of the film, with you roaming round Smurf town before jetting off to the likes of Paris and New York – but you'll also be able to visit arctic tundras and lava jungles not seen on the big screen. There's a total of six worlds to explore and around thirty stages to play though, suggesting that it might be a bit more substantial than your average tie-in.

The Smurfs 2 also promises four player co-operative along the lines of the New Super Mario Bros. games – and if you happen to pick up the Wii U version, this rises to five players, with the final player controlling Clockwork Smurf on the GamePad's Touch Screen. Over the course of your adventure, you'll unlock nine different Smurfy characters, each of which comes with their own special abilities – Papa Smurf can stun enemies with magic potions, while Grouchy Smurf can stomp on anyone that gets in his way, and Vanity Smurf can strike a pose, working as a platform to help you reach hard to reach spots.

The Smurfs 2 is set to hit the Wii, Wii U, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 on the 19th of July, while an interactive storybook packed with mini-games launches for the DS. Check out the first Smurf-tastic trailer below:

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