The Skylanders SuperChargers ending theme has to be heard

"SuperCharged With Love"is the cheesiest ballad you'll ever hear - (no spoilers)!

The Skylanders SuperChargers ending theme has to be heard  Everybody Plays
20th October, 2015

Call us strange, but we have a soft spot for game related music - especially if it's a tune with lyrics especially written for a game. There haven't been too many of those over the years (Portal's Still Alive being one noteworthy exception) - but Skylanders SuperChargers has pushed the boat out, with an incredible track we hope will start a new industry trend. And before you worry - there are no spoilers ahead, of either the car or game related types!

Imagine the scenario. You've finished the game. Dozens of hours have been spent fighting back against the evil forces of Kaos, as you slugged it out with the baddies in the finest Skylanders adventure yet. After a gruelling and epic boss fight (and the obligatory cutscene), you sit back to enjoy the end credits, trying to spot any funny names as they go by. And then, this plays:

This. Is. Awesome.

Turning the cheese factor up past gorgonzola and straight into full on vintage parmesan territory, "SuperCharged With Love" is a track that wouldn't seem out of place at the end of an 80s fighter pilot romance, yet alone at the end of a kids game, and is the perfect way to round off your adventure. If you want to sing along (and you know you do), here's the full lyrics. Make sure you rope in a friend for some accompaniment on the bracketed bits:

A new day is dawning
Your moment is near
So top up your tank
And rev up that engine
'cause we're kicking this thing into gear

You've got the courage (you're so brave!)
You've got the might (and so strong!)
You've got the spirit of a champion
And you're not gonna flee from the fight!

That's why we're suuu-perrr-charrggeddd with-a loovveee

You've got the passion (you've got it!)
You've got the pride (ROAR!)
Even in the unknown, you are never alone
You've got all of your friends by your side

That's why we're suuu-perrr-charrggeddd with-a loovveee
Yes we're suuu-perrr-charrggeddd with-a loovveee

'Cause when the pedal's to the metal
And the foot's to the floor
Our hearts are wide open
And we're ready to soar!

You beat the Darkness
You set us free!
The power of goodness and friendship and laughter
Has come over me

That's why we're suuu-perrr-charrggeddd
You know that we're suuu-perrr-charrgeedd
You've got to be suuu-perrr-charrgeedd!

With-a loovveeeeee

*plinky bits*


(whispered) With love

Brilliant. Toys-to-life games - the musical stakes have just been raised.
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