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Honey I shrunk the Skylanders

Skylanders Minis coming to Skylanders Trap Team  Everybody Plays
18th August, 2014

Behold - new Skylanders are on their way! They're just a little bit smaller than usual.

If you've ventured onto eBay hunting for Skylanders in the past, you may have noticed several smaller versions of the main characters, known as sidekicks. Previously only available in the US and UK as part of a promotional offer, these cuter takes on the main roster were effectively fancy items in game, and would follow you around the stages, kind of like a loyal pet.

But for Trap Team, the companions are getting much more involved.

Now renamed minis, you'll be able to buy the figures from shops for the first time ever, as part of a number of double packs that contain two of the figures. Even better, rather than simply being used as an AI companion, the minis are now fully playable in place of one of the normal characters. With bigger, cuter eyes, and more squee-worthy dimensions, all you have to do is plonk your mini on the portal, and you'll be able to take control of a pint-sized powerhouse, with the same upgrade paths, and perhaps most importantly, same amount of health as their bigger brothers and sisters.

Skylanders Trap Team Screenshot

Yep. Pretty cute/

Each coming complete with their own pun-tastic name, there'll be 16 different characters available initially, including our favourite, Trigger Snappy. The initial line-up will include:
  • Barkley (Tree Rex)
  • Bop (Bash)
  • Breeze (Whirlwind)
  • Drobit (Drobot)
  • Eye Small (Eye Brawl)
  • Gill Runt (Gill Grunt)
  • Hijinx (Hex)
  • Minjini (Ninjini)
  • Pet Vac (Jet Vac)
  • Small Fry (Fryno)
  • Spry (Spyro)
  • Terrabite (Terrafin)
  • Thumpling (Thumpback)
  • Trigger Snappy (Trigger Happy)
  • Weeruptor (Eruptor)
  • Whisper Elf (Stealth Elf)
Set to launch alongside the game, the new minis range should prove popular with anyone who prefers their Skylanders on the cuter side of the monstrous divide. We can see us shelling out a fair amount on a collection of these over the next few months, as soon as Trap Team launches...
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