Skylanders Eon's Elite toys launching in Autumn

Skylanders premium figures come with triple the power and shiny foil wrapping

Skylanders Eons Elite toys launching in Autumn  Everybody Plays
11th August, 2014

Activision have announced that a new set of premium toys in the Skylanders series are due to hit store shelves in Autumn, known as the 'Eon's Elite'.

According to the game's story, the Eon's Elite have been personally selected by Master Eon, the veteran Portal Master, for their courage, strength and commitment. A brave bunch to have on your shelf and console then.

Elite Spyro and Elite Chop Chop are the first two figures to be announced, with six more to be revealed at a later date

These new figures are a set of eight "must-have collectible versions" of fan-favourite Skylanders characters. Each figure features a swanky metallic paint job and their own special golden base, alongside premium foil packaging (an important deal-maker I'm sure you'll agree) and a display case with a '3D lenticular background' - whatever one of those is.

Most importantly however, the Eon's Elite figures are said to be 'up to three times as powerful over other characters', which sounds like a huge advantage for Skylanders players - especially those like us, who tend to get down around a dozen a level beacuse we keep dying...

The heroes in the Eon's Elite set are all said to come from the original Skylanders Spyro's Adventure game, which classified its characters under eight different elements - the usual categories Fire, Earth, Air and Water, alongside the not so usual ones of Magic, Tech, Life and Undead.

The two characters we've seen so far are the Elite Spyro and Elite Chop Chop figures, who are from the Magic and Undead element categories respectively. It's fair to assume then that we'll most likely see a character from each elemental category when the rest of the Eon's Elite figures are announced.

Activision do warn that these figures are going to be a limited edition in appropriately 'limited quantities', so if you're keen to get your mitts on shiny Spyro, you might want to act fast when the figures are set to launch this Autumn.

There's no release date or a pricing point set for the figures as of the moment, but the upcoming sequel, Skylanders Trap Team is due out on October 10th (for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Wii U, Wii and 3DS), so the Eon's Elite could well make their appearance around the same time.
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