Revelation Online gets cross server multiplayer in First Contact update

Auction houses, server vs server brawls, and new localisation options added in upcoming update

Revelation Online gets cross server multiplayer in First Contact update  Everybody Plays
9th March, 2018By Ian Morris

If you've been slicing your way through massively multiplayer online game Revelation Online, but you've been regretting not being able to play with friends who are on other servers, the upcoming First Contact update could be just what you're looking for. So long as you only want to kill your friends, rather than adventure with them, anyway.

Set to hit the game at an unspecified time in the near future (i.e. SOONTM), the First Contact update will add a host of new features to the MMO, designed to help players across any of the game's servers play together. From the addition of a cross-server auction house, where players on one server can sell items to players on any other, to a brand new EU server, the update also brings with it two new language options - French and German - so even more players can enjoy the game in their native language.

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While not all of the game will support the ability to play cross server, several of the game's competitive modes will, adding the potential for huge server vs server brawls and tournaments. In total, the list of modes that support cross server play is as follows:

  • 1v1/3v3/5v5 Arenas

A collection of last-man-standing style events, Arenas let small teams of players juke it out for glory - and items!

  • 10v10: Darkwood Vale

A more objective based mode, in Darkwood Vale, the arena zone is divided into two fields, one for each team. Each field has a series of Darkwood Arena Bosses that help out each team in unique ways - and it's up to you to slay the opponents' bosses, while keeping your own safe!

  • 20v20: Iron Precipice Blitz

A king of the hill style mode, Iron Precipice Blitz scatters five resource points around a map. Occupy the points to earn points for your team, with the first to 1,000 winning the battle.

  • 30v30: Machinist's Gauntlet

Letting a huge 60 players face off against each other, this mode sees two teams race to destroy the opposing team's Dragon Orb, located at the top of their Ancestral Dragon Spire.

  • Guild Tournament

Are you part of the best guild in game? Prove it, in these challenging tournaments.


While a release date has yet to be officially announced, it's like not going to be too long before you can enjoy all the updates to the world of Nuanor yourself. Check out the update trailer below:

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