Resident Evil 6 opens human meat butcher in London

Note: It's not really human meat. It just looks like it. Don't click if squeamish.

Resident Evil 6 opens human meat butcher in London  Everybody Plays
27th September, 2012

Well, this is a particularly stomach churning story, isn't it? With the latest in the horror series, Resident Evil 6, set to launch in the UK next Tuesday, publishers Capcom have decided to take their promotional activities to the next level, pulling their fingers out, somewhat literally.

As of tomorrow, the 28th of September, Capcom are set to open the world's first human butchers in Smithfield's Market in London. Called Wesker and Sons, after Resi's own super villain, the butchers will be open for two days, offering members of the public the chance to buy hands, legs, arms, heads, and even organs - and no doubt causing plenty of queasiness for any innocent members of the public who happen to be walking by, as makeshift cadavers are sliced up for sale.

Lend a hand?

As you may imagine though, the meat on sale isn't actually human meat (seeing as Capcom would land themselves in an awful lot of trouble if it was), but rather, some intricately prepared food art, which we're sure you'll agree, does a pretty good job of resembling the real thing. Or at least, what we'd imagine it'd look like. According to the press release, members of the public can purchase "a dizzying array of edible human limbs including hands, feet and a human head”, alongside peppered human and lemon sausages, and J’avo-Caught Human Thigh Steaks, and, in another nod to the game, pots of Green Herb and Red Herb (which in the game, give you health)

Alongside the selection of fine meats, the butchers will also be selling a selection of specially created drinks and cocktails including, "Stool", which comes in a sample bag, and "Puss". Yummy.

Alongside the stomach churning butchers, though, comes a series of slightly more palatable events at St. Bartholomew's Pathology Museum & Galleries, where two talks will be being held The first, on Friday, by a "food futurologist", whatever that is when it's at home, will look at diets of the future, and how cannibalism may come to feature in our everyday diets (we'd imagine a growing, unchecked population and dwindling food stocks may have something to do with it), while a second talk on Saturday, presented by John Oxford, a renowned virologist, takes a look at the storyline of the game, where a virus known as the C-Virus has spread throughout the world, turning whomever it infects into powerful, yet braindead flesh eating zombies, and whether the existence of such a virus is that far fetched in modern society. We'd actually guess not!

Resident Evil 6 launches next Tuesday, the 2nd of October - and it's fair to say, it's had some of the most inventive promotional activities in recent memory. If you can stomach the sight of fake human limbs for sale, though, why not pop down to Smithfield's Market tomorrow and take a gander, or maybe even buy some of the wares. Be sure to tell us how it tastes, won't you?
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