Rayman Origins coming to Wii, 360 and 3DS

Stunning cartoon co-op platformer looks amazing

Rayman Origins coming to Wii 360 and 3DS  Everybody Plays
16th June, 2011

Rayman Origins is a game that seems to tick practically every box going. Designed from the ground up to appeal, and be played by people of all ages, Rayman Origins is a four player co-operative platformer that looks, in a word, stunning. We've often stuck to the mantra that "graphics don't matter" at Everybody Plays, but when your game looks like a Disney animation, it'd be rude not to mention just how good it looks.

Rayman Origins Screenshot

It's good that games like this let you drop out at any time. Means we don't have to worry about holding the, er, more talented people up.

With Michael Ancel at the helm - the creative genius behind games such as Beyond Good & Evil, Raving Rabbids, and, of course, Rayman, Rayman Origins celebrates fifteen years since the limbless hero first took to consoles around the world, and does so in style. An entirely new game, Rayman Origins allows up to four friends to team up to play through the story together, boasting over 60 levels of co-op gaming goodness. With hand-drawn environments boasting secret passages, and hidden treasures, which are only accessible once Rayman learns certain moves, you're bound to not see everything the first time round, giving you plenty of excuse to keep coming back.

It's a game that comes drenched in humour as much as it does story, with Rayman and his friends providing plenty of slapstick giggles. You can blow your enemy's clothes off using Rayman's "Hairicopter", pose for photos, or grab onto ledges as Rayman's large, blue, cookie monster impersonator friend, Globox, by using your top teeth.

The story's set in the Glade of Dreams, a magical forest which becomes overrun by the "nefurrious" (their joke) Darktoons. Realising their world's in trouble, the fairies summon the hero of the day, Rayman, who along with his four friends, has to defend the Fairy Glade in this family-friendly adventure.

Sounds fun? We think so too. Check out the trailer below, and mark this one down as "Hot":

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