Rabbids Rumble coming in November

A dragon and a wrestler walk into a bwaaaaarrr...

Rabbids Rumble coming in November  Everybody Plays
11th October, 2012

Following on from their solid platforming debut, the loveable, yet totally insane Rabbids are bwaacccck on the 3DS this November with their latest wacky adventure – one in which they’ve escaped from the confines of their game cartridge and invaded the real world. Quite what this actually means in practice remains to be seen - but in typical Rabbids way, it’s up to you to race through seven worlds rounding up the hundred or so Rabbids on offer, completing mini-games in order to send them back from whence they came.

Rabbids Rumble Screenshot

Obligatory dancing mini-game: check.

But far from just being a minigame collection, it sounds like Rabbids Rumble will be offering something a tad deeper. A hybrid of sorts, Rabbids Rumble features the same ‘gotta catch ‘em all’ concept as Pokemon, whereby each Rabbid you come across has their own unique look and abilities – abilities which you can use in multiplayer battles against your friends or the computer. It even sounds like the battles may be similar to Nintendo's critter-catching game, as opponents take it in turns selecting an attack from the moves their Rabbid knows, before watching the battle play out. Similarity isn't a bad thing in this case though, because Pokemon's battle system is among the best going, simple enough for newcomers, and with enough strategy to keep others happy.

But to make the battles work, you need some Rabbids who're willing to fight for you – which is where the collecting part comes in. As well as accumulating them through the your time with the game, Ubisoft will also be releasing a rare Rabbid every week via SpotPass to help you build up your collection. You can also unlock new Rabbids through StreetPass, where walking past other Rabbids Rumble 3DS owners will shares scores, and earn you bonus items to use in battle too.

Rabbids Rumble hits stores next month, on the 16th of November – until then, here’s a trailer of, er, a wrestling Rabbid attempting to beat up a dragon-clad Rabbid:

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