Rabbids Rumble Announced For The 3DS

Rabbids invade the handheld again, doing what they do best – mini-games

Rabbids Rumble Announced For The 3DS  Everybody Plays
5th June, 2012

Oh no! Those crazy alien Rabbids are bwack, and have escaped from their games cartridge and invaded the real world! Better round them all up before they take strange aubergine-like limb-less characters prisoner, pinch everyone's clothes and take over a TV station again. Hold on to your shopping trolleys, squids and traffic cones, it's about to get crazy out there....

Rabbids Rumble Screenshot

Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the cow popped out of the moon, the Rabbids, they laughed to see such fun, before they were exploded, blasted and strewn.

And so begins Ubisoft's latest Rabbids title, Rabbids Rumble, which seems to be a kind of mini-game/Pokemon-esque collecting hybrid. With over one hundred different Rabbids making a bid for freedom across seven different worlds, you'll have your work cut out for you as you complete a variety of mini-games to round them all up again. Some of the mini-games will make use of the Augmented Reality functions of the 3DS, causing Rabbids to “surge from the floor, fly around and even battle it out atop the kitchen table”. More conventional mini-games involve a whack-a-mole-esque game where you're tapping the Touch Screen to bonk Rabbids over the head, as well as an obligatory dancing game, where you need to touch the correct symbols on the bottom screen as they scroll along the top.

It'll also make use of both of the 3DS' Pass functions – every week, you'll get sent a rare Rabbid downloaded to your game via SpotPass, as well as being able to battle your Rabbids with people you pass by in the street with the StreetPass function, which will then unlock new Rabbids and items for use in your game. And if that's not enough, you can also challenge your friends to turn-based battles, which we'd imagine will work in a kind of similar way to Pokemon, in that each Rabbid on your team knows a number of different attacks for beating your opponent. We expect the moves will have the same trademark Rabbids' slapstick humour too, whether it's infecting your opponents with radioactive sneezes that slowly sap their health, or hurling a mud pie at your enemies.

So far there's no word of a release date or anything, but with the Electronic Entertainment Expo kicking off tonight, expect more in the coming days – not just about Rabbids, but a whole host of other games for the 3DS too. So make sure you keep checking back!

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