Pokemon X and Y get a new Eeveelution

New 'mon gives more options for evolving your Eevee. And it's PINK.

Pokemon X and Y get a new Eeveelution  Everybody Plays
13th February, 2013

If you've ever played a Pokemon game before, the chances are pretty high you'll have come across Eevee. The loveable little dog with the huge rabbit-style ears, Eevee's about as unassuming as they come - but, should you use one of the elemental stones on him, he can evolve into one of a number of much, much more powerful Pokemon. Collectively known online as the "Eeveelutions", Eevee was originally capable of evolving into one of three elemental types - Jolteon (Electric), Vaporeon (Water) and Flareon (Fire), which was a hard enough choice in itself. As time went on, additional elemental possibilities were added to the mix, eventually bringing the total up to seven, taking in Ice, Grass, Dark, and Psychic too - and giving us even more reason to umm and ahh about the possibilities. But now, with the upcoming release of Pokemon X and Y (in October this year, folks), Nintendo are adding another 'mon to the possibilities. And it's a rather nice looking one too.

Meet "Ninfia", the eighth Eeveelution, and one of the stars of the upcoming Pokemon mini-film, Pikachu and Eevee Friends, which is due to air before the newest Pokemon film, the brilliantly titled Extreme Speed Genesect: Mewtwo's Awakening. Unfortunately, there's no news on when we'll see the film on these shores (and we still remember going to see the second Pokemon film in the cinemas, and getting the free Mew Pokemon card to go with it), but it has been confirmed that Ninfia will be making its way into the new games.

Beyond that, though, there's still a distinct air of mystery surrounding the new 'mon, and any specifics about what it actually is - we have no idea what moves it'll have, how you evolve it, or even what type it is. Speculation is rife that it may be a Normal type (after all, several Normal Pokemon are pink), or that it may even be flying, due to the flapping ribbons.

Either way one thing's for sure - choosing our next Eeveelution just got a whole lot harder.

UPDATE: A press release we've just received has confirmed that the English name for the new Pokemon is Sylveon. Still no word on its type, though, although there is a trailer of it in action. While we can't name the first two moves, it looks like the latter one is swift. Could it be a normal type - or an entirely new one?

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