Pokedex 3D coming in the next 3DS system update

First details on the free Pokemon application.

Pokedex 3D coming in the next 3DS system update  Everybody Plays
3rd June, 2011

When Nintendo release their latest 3DS system update next week, it'll bring with it a lot more than just behind-the-scenes improvements. Amongst the other additions, which include a web browser, and the Nintendo eShop, one of the additions we're most excited about is the new, free Pokemon application, Pokedex 3D.

Pokedex 3D kind of does what it says on proverbial tin - it's a Pokedex (a kind of electronic notebook that records data on various Pokemon) that lets you view the little critters in 3D. But this being Nintendo, there's a lot more to it than initially meets the eye.

When you first launch the game, you'll only have sixteen entries in your Pokedex. This being a Pokemon game/app/what have you, you'll want to "catch 'em all", and there are a variety of ways to do so. In order to get the full 150 Pokemon, you'll have to connect wirelessly to friends (possibly using StreePass, but the wording in the press release seemed a bit amiguous), scan various AR Markers or simply download new Pokemon using SpotPass. The SpotPass feature - which will be enabled by the update on the 7th June - will enable your 3DS to connect to the internet, even while in Sleep Mode, and download new content and updates - in this case, you'll get up to three new Pokemon per day.

Pokedex 3D Screenshot

Aww. We like Emolga.

With each entry you get in your Pokedex, you'll be able to view a fully 3D, animated model on the touch screen, while browsing information about moves, evolutions, and more on the touch screen. Having an application like this is actually incredibly useful, as knowing at what level Pokemon evolve, and at what levels they learn what moves is a key part of the Pokemon experience. It'll certainly help out in Pokemon Black and White, anyway.

Pokedex 3D Screenshot

But far from just being able to view a 3D model of your 'mon on the top screen, you can take them out "into the wild", too! By printing off, or finding special "Pokemon AR Markers", you'll be able to take photos of your Pokemon in their, er, natural habitat, which is bound to be of interest to the more creative amongst you. We just like the idea of creating a giant Oshawott - and we're sure there'll be some interesting pictures popping up online.

To get the Pokedex 3D, all you have to do is update your 3DS on the 7th June, and download it from the Nintendo eShop, which will be autotmatically added to your system. When we've had a chance to play around with it, we'll bring you more info - and more photos!
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