Only new pokemon will be featured in Pokemon Black & White's story

Sorry Pikachu.

Only new pokemon will be featured in Pokemon Black & Whites story  Everybody Plays
9th August, 2010

Having sold more than 200 million copies worldwide, you'd be hard pushed to not have heard of Pokemon. The pocket monster catching series, which sees you capturing, and then training various cute little creatures, before battling them against other trainers in a quest to become the greatest Pokemon master of all time, has long been a popular game with both children, and adults alike - both of which appreciate the companionship that the game's little monsters provide.

And while each game offers a new set of monsters, there have always been some familiar faces you'll come across and have the chance to catch during your travels - but this time, in a somewhat unprecedented move, Nintendo have announced that Pokemon Black & White's story mode will only feature new pokemon. That means no pikachus, jigglypuffs or bulbasaurs until you've finished the story. Game Freak (the makers of the pokemon franchise) hope this will make players once again feel the sense of wonder and surprise at catching previously unseen pokemon - something Pokemon Red & Blue, the first pair of games, managed to do back in 1999.

Togepi seems a bit confused by Nintendo's decision...

Normally, Nintendo have a mixture of about 200ish Pokemon, both old and new for you to find and capture during the course of the story, with the complete range (from the older games - now totalling nearly 500 seperate creatures) only becoming available after you've finished the game. By only featuring brand new Pokemon, Pokemon Black & White is treading into uncharted territory - and it also means a heck of a lot of new pokemon are going to have to be added. Hopefully, they'll be somewhat better looking ones than the ones we've seen so far.

Pokemon Black & White is set to be a huge leap forward for the series, featuring video chat, new, more exciting battles, a new art style, and much much more. We're looking forward to the spring, when it's due out in the UK.
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