Need a hero? We take a look at Falcon and Yondu in Disney Infinity 2.0.

The winged warrior and the blue Mohawk are on their way

Need a hero We take a look at Falcon and Yondu in Disney Infinity 20  Everybody Plays
10th November, 2014

While the game's been out for a few months now (and if you want the definitive verdict on whether it's worth getting, you can check out our full review and parental review), the figures just keep coming for Disney Infinity 2.0, the Skylanders-alike where you buy figures in real life, and place them on a portal to play as them in the game. With almost all of the Disney Originals now available, along with a fair few Marvel characters, you can play as Stitch, Aladdin, Hiro, Rocket Raccoon and Tinkerbell amongst others - and soon, you'll be able to add Guardians of the Galaxy's Yondu and The Avenger's Falcon to that list.

Disney Infinity 20 Marvel Superheroes Screenshot

I'm Blue, da ba de da ba die…

First up is Yondu. A magic archer, with a little stick/golden arrow that responds to his whistles - either by levitating, or firing into his opponents - Yondu's neither a good guy nor a bad guy in the Guardians universe, instead being more of a tweener. The "original" Guardian of the Galaxy before Star Lord, Rocket or Groot came around, coming complete with his trusty pet arrow, and an impressive vertical leap to help him get around the Toy Box more smoothly, Yondu will be fully compatible with both the "create your own levels" Toy Box mode, and the Guardians of the Galaxy story-driven Play Set, so you'll at least be able to get some fun out of your figure if you don't dip your toes into the user generated levels.
Disney Infinity 20 Marvel Superheroes Screenshot

I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky…

Sam Wilson, a.k.a. Falcon, is Captain America's long and trusted friend, who has mysterious powers over all bird kind. Falcon's first appearance on the big screen was in Captain America: The Winter Solider, although this figure seems to be based after the comic book version of Falcon, rather than the one from the film. Coming with a handy set of wings that let him fly around the Disney Infinity worlds like Iron Man, his move set is one of pure speed and skill.
Disney Infinity 20 Marvel Superheroes Screenshot

"Hey Blue guy, give me back my wings!"

Each character will also be available as a Power Disc - a separately sold, random, blind-bagged disc - that add special powers to the game. If you're lucky enough to find either of them the Yondu power disc will add Yondu to your game as a "Team Up" partner, letting you play alongside a computer controlled version of himself (or, if you're feeling particularly crazy, you could play as Yondu too, for double the Yondu fun. Meanwhile, Falcon's Wings Power Disc lets anyone use Falcon's wings as an in game item, granting the power of flight as if by magic.

Check out the video above for a bit more on the Falcon/Yondu figures (starts at around 3:20). Both characters will be released on the 13th January 2015 - at least in the US.
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