More songs revealed for Rock Band 4

Including Elvis Presley, Queens of the Stone Age and Mark Ronson

More songs revealed for Rock Band 4  Everybody Plays
26th June, 2015

It's that time of the arbitrary time period again - the next batch of Rock Band 4 tunes is upon us! With the first half a dozen released into the wild last month, Harmonix have once again lifted the lid on another batch of five songs we'll be strumming, drumming and wailing along to when the band-based multiplayer music game hits consoles later this year. Joining the ranks of Fleetwood Mac, The Killers and the has-been-on-every-game-so-far The Who, we have the following songs:

  • Benjamin Booker - Violent Shiver
  • Elvis Presley - Suspicious Minds
  • Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk
  • Queens of the Stone Age - My God Is The Sun
  • Scandal - The Warrior
Of course, everyone knows Elvis Presley's Suspicious Minds - even if The King can't compare to this stunning rendition - and Uptown Funk, by Mark Ronson and wannabe Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, is another popular one. The Queens of the Stone Age track is one no-one knows (if only they'd picked that one, eh?), but seems like an ok song - we weren't all that familiar with the original Rock Band's Go With The Flow either, and that turned out OK. Benjamin Booker meanwhile, a band/artist we'd never heard of, has a rather twiddly guitar intro/riff that could be kind of fun to play, even if the rest of the song isn't that spectacular. And finally, The Warrior, by a band called Scandal, lead by the other Patty Smith, is the kind of poppy rock song you expect from the 80s - a not too hard, head-bopping tune that you can rely on as a nice break from the frantic strumming and twiddling of whatever Rock Band 4's Green Grass and High Tides equivalent will be.
Rock Band 4 Screenshot

Avenged Sevenfold's Hail To The King is another one of the previously announced songs.

Rock Band 4 will be hitting the Playstation 4 and Xbox One later this year, on the 6th October. Folks who pre-order the game can nab themselves an extra thirty bonus songs too, and while there's no news as to what they'll include, there's bound to be a few good ones in there, surely. As for prices, if you're interested in Rock Band, you'd better start saving now, as the traditional 'Band In The Box' style bundle, which includes a new drum controller, guitar, microphone and a copy of the game is down at £219 ($250), while the guitar plus game set will set you back £109 ($130). That said, as the game's fully backwards compatible with old instruments, you can always blow the dust of those, if you own them. Why not check out the new trailer below:

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