Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 5: Order Up! launches next week - with more to come

Three more episodes will be added to the season - but they'll come at an extra cost

Minecraft Story Mode Episode 5 Order Up launches next week with more to come  Everybody Plays
22nd March, 2016

It may have been a long time coming, but soon, the conclusion to Minecraft: Story Mode will be upon us. Or at least, the conclusion to this part of the series, anyway. In an unexpected move, Telltale Games, have announced that while Episode 5 will finally launch on the 29th March, it won't actually mark the end of the episodic, story-based, point and click style take on popular creation-'em-up, Minecraft - as there are actually another three episodes set to follow.

Episode 5, or "Order Up!" as it's been subtitled, will bring the Wither Storm story arc to a close, as protagonist Jesse (and friends!) head to an ancient temple, only to somehow find themselves transported to a whole new land, known as Sky City. Rounding out "Season One" of the story driven adventure, the episode will be free for those who've purchased the Minecraft Story Mode Season Pass, either on a disc or from a download store, or can be bought separately for the usual price.

Minecraft Story Mode Screenshot

Well, at least you can see where it got the name...

Somewhat surprisingly, though, while "Order Up!" marks the end of one story arc, and would presumably therefore be a good place to stop and start Season Two, Telltale will instead be releasing an extra set of episodes for Season One over the coming months, currently cunningly labelled as episodes 6, 7 and 8.

Perhaps more confusingly, although these episodes are seen as part of Season One, they aren't included in the Season Pass price. Instead, they'll require you to already own either the first episode of Minecraft: Story Mode as a download, or have bought the Season Pass, either online, or as a disc, at which point you'll be able to buy the new episodes. In a nutshell, what that means is the Season Pass won't actually be getting you access to the whole season, and you'll need to own Episode 1 of an unrelated story in order to take on the story arc found in episodes 6, 7 and 8. Confusing? You bet - and we can only imagine the headaches parents will have trying to figure out what they need.

Still, despite the disappointing three month gap, it seems Minecraft: Story Mode will finally be reaching its conclusion at the end of the month, on the 29th March. We'll add a review of the episode to our ongoing Minecraft: Story Mode review as soon as it's released!
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