Mario Golf: World Tour swinging onto 3DS

Tee up for Mario's game of golf on the green this summer!

Mario Golf World Tour swinging onto 3DS  Everybody Plays
20th February, 2013

If you're a Mario fan and a sports fan, this latest news should be sure to get you excited - Nintendo's latest online announcement filled broadcast, Nintendo Direct has confirmed a new Mario Golf game will be shooting it's way to the 3DS, subtitled  'World Tour'.

Developed by Camelot, the same team that brought you Mario Tennis Open for the 3DS last year and previous Mario Golf games on consoles such as Nintendo Gamecube and Gameboy Colour, the game, as you may expect, sees you playing golf with a selection of Mario characters. Mario and Luigi are present themselves, and other characters include Donkey Kong, Wario, Waluigi, and even the nefarious Bowser himself.

Mario Golf World Tour Screenshot

Watch out - Goombas about!

With courses based on several locales from the Mario world, there's plenty to keep your eye on, too - one takes place in a giant floral area with a huge Goomba overlooking the course as you swing for the flag. Certainly a bit more exciting than your average crazy golf. The game has also been confirmed to include the series' trademark 'Super Shots', which let you take additional control over your shot's topspin or backspin. Satoru Iwata mentioned that although the game will include the traditional rules and play of golf, the controls are very accessible and will allow those who have never played the sport before to understand the terms and how to play with ease. So while you might not become the next Tiger Woods straight away, you'll at least be able to find your footing quickly enough. And you'll probably have more morals too.

Heading to both physical and downloadable stores this summer, a specific release date has yet to be announced for Mario Golf: World Tour, although Nintendo have suggested we brace for more news soon. Fore!
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