Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes brings co-op Zelda to the 3DS

Nintendo's E3 Conference shows off new Zelda game, Triforce Heroes

Legend of Zelda Triforce Heroes brings co-op Zelda to the 3DS  Everybody Plays
17th June, 2015

The new games are flying faster than Link's arrows around here! With E3, the year's biggest gaming event already under way, Nintendo took to the stage to have their turn to announce their latest works. We saw some awesome shots of Yoshi's Woolly World (which we've been getting hands on with recently), got creative with Mario Maker, but it was this previously unannounced Zelda game that caught our eye the most.

The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes, was announced alongside (the previously leaked) Hyrule Warriors for the 3DS. Using the art style of previous Zelda 3DS game, A Link Between Worlds, and inspired by co-op game Four Swords, Triforce Heroes seeks to combine the complex, intricate puzzles seen in previous game and incorporate co-op play, so that players will have to work together in order to battle through dungeons and inevitably save Hyrule. That place is always in danger! 

Legend of Zelda Triforce Heroes Screenshot

At the very least, the chat system looks cool.

But unlike Four Swords, Triforce Heroes has taken its number of players down to three rather than four. This is because one of the game's key features is the ability to climb on another player's shoulder's to get to a greater height, taking advantage of the 3DS' depth perception. However, with four players, the tower of characters would have been too tall to work, so they simply narrowed it to three. That's ok, I don't have that many friends anyhow, and there is a single player mode for loser people such as myself. 

As well as awesome puzzles that players must solve together, Nintendo showed off the game's inner customization, in which you are able to dress up your personal Link, in all sorts of garments and get ups. This way, you can really personalize your character when in co-op to avoid any confusion in game as to who is who. We've all been there.

Nintendo give Triforce Heroes a vague Fall 2015 release, which isn't far off! Plus, if their recent timeline of game releases is anything to go by, it would seem Heroes is set for an October launch, right at the end of autumn. Guess we'd best get rounding up our friends before then!
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