Last chance to nab the Legendary Pokemon, Victini in Pokemon Black & White

The last week of the Liberty Pass is upon us

Last chance to nab the Legendary Pokemon Victini in Pokemon Black & White  Everybody Plays
15th April, 2011

Pokemon Black & White has been out for over a month now - and with it comes the end of the limited time only Liberty Pass distribution. So if you haven't downloaded yourself a Liberty Pass yet, make sure you do before next Friday, the 22nd April.

The Liberty Pass isn't just any old pass - it's your ticket to Liberty Garden, where the Legendary Pokemon Vicitini has made his home in the bottom of the lighthouse. You'll need to have at least two gym badges under your belt before you can get there though, because you'll need to get on a boat in Castelia City - to get to the appropriately named Liberty Pier, you'll need to run as far to the left as you can, and shortly before you hit the wall, go down the path to the pier. Here you'll see a man standing next to a boat - talking to him (and showing him your Liberty Pass) will let you on the boat, taking you to Liberty Garden to get your Victini. Of course, you'll need to have a few 'discussions' with Team Plasma before you get to have a shot at capturing Victini...

Victini is known as the 'Victory Pokemon', and is said to bring victory to it's trainer in battle, and is the first dual Fire and Psychic type Pokemon so far. Using his special ability - Victory Star - he's able to boost the accuracy of itself and your other Pokemon in battle. Mine's called Dave.

And now, the most important part - to receive your Liberty Pass, you'll need to set up the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection on your game - if you've never used your DS online before, Nintendo have a little guide to help with the set-up. Otherwise, you'll just need to pick the Game Sync option on the start screen of the game, which transfers your previous Wi-Fi Connection settings to the new Pokemon Black & White cartridge. Then simply scroll down to the Mystery Gift option on the menu, select Receive Gift, Get Via Nintendo WFC, and then choose the option to download the Liberty Pass. The next time you're in the game, you'll just need to pop to the Pokemon Centre and have a chat to the chap in the blue suit, standing opposite the shopping desk - and he'll hand over your Liberty Pass.

Make sure you download Victini before the 22nd - otherwise you'll miss out. And make sure you keep checking back too, because you wouldn't want to miss any more downloadable Pokemon, would you?
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