Last Just Dance 4 downloadable songs out now, as the road to Just Dance 5 begins

Ubisoft are winding up their latest dancing game, and getting ready for the future

Last Just Dance 4 downloadable songs out now as the road to Just Dance 5 begins  Everybody Plays
5th April, 2013

With Nintendo's Wii U already out, the Playstation 4 on the horizon and the next Xbox rapidly bearing down on us, 2013 does seem to be an end of an era of sorts in the games industry. And while it's arguably not quite as big a deal, it's also time for us to wave goodbye to Ubisoft's latest dancing game, with the release of the last set of songs for Just Dance 4.

This final triple dip of songs – Ke$ha's 'Die Young', 'Primadonna' by Marina and the Diamonds and 'Baby Girl' by Reggaeton Storm (originally on Just Dance 2) – are out now on the various downloadable stores on your console of choice, priced at around £2-ish. If you want a quick sneak peak of the routines you'll be jigging about too, why not take a look at the April downloads trailer below:

While you'll still be able to get yourself some Gangnam Style or puchase some Katy Perry from the downloadable stores, we are rather sad to see the back of Just Dance 4. After all, it was arguably our favourite game in the series so far - but Ubisoft are already looking to future. For Just Dance 3, Ubisoft stopped releasing downloadable songs in April 2012, before announcing Just Dance 4 in the summer at the massive gaming convention, E3. Likely marking a transfer of staff from Just Dance 4 to be all hands on deck for the next game in the series, we're confident we'll be hearing the first news about Just Dance 5 in the weeks to come - perhaps even earlier than this year's E3. After all, we know it's been in the works for a while - thanks to our internet super-sleuthing, we discovered a job advert late last year, where Ubisoft were looking for dancers to come up with the routines for their next game, with a specific request for people versed in a wide variety of styles.

Either way, a lot of questions are still in the air about exactly what Just Dance 5 will be like. What songs will it have? Will it be on the new consoles, like the PS4, as Just Dance 4 was on the Wii U? Will there still be a Wii version, or will Ubisoft have moved on to the next generation entirely (we doubt it)? We'll be keeping our ears to the ground over the next few weeks, as we begin the run up to E3 in June - and we'd suggest you do the same.
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