LEGO Jurassic World and LEGO Marvel's Avengers coming in 2015

Jurassic Park and Marvel's Avengers get the Lego treatment, with a new Ninjago on the way too

LEGO Jurassic World and LEGO Marvels Avengers coming in 2015  Everybody Plays
29th January, 2015

Lego news is the best type of news. And what a way to perk you up on an otherwise dreary (and snowy) Thursday than with news of not one, not two, but three new Lego games! With two new console games and a new exclusive handheld entry all due before the end of the year, 2015 is shaping up to be one heck of a bricktackular year! And as anyone who knows us can tell you, this makes us very excited indeed.

Sticking with the tried and tested film-to-LEGO formula (so there's no news on LEGO City Undercover 2 - boo!), first on the list of 2015 blockbusters (or should that be block builders?) is a brand new, never before Lego-ised series - Jurassic Park. Following the events of the original trilogy of dinosaur films, Jurassic Park, The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park III, as well as the upcoming Jurassic World film, which hits cinemas later this year, LEGO Jurassic World promises to let you relive the events of the films in the trademark co-operative, puzzle-filled, slapstick style the Lego games have been known for. Set to hit pretty much every console available - from the PS4, Xbox One and Wii U, to the older Xbox 360 and PS3, and even the PS Vita and 3DS handhelds - LEGO Jurassic World will be out this summer, in June - making it the perfect excuse to avoid the nasty summer sun. And... that's about all the info we have at the moment, bar this logo:


Giving you only just enough time to 100% the game and collect all the gold bricks (as is obligatory in LEGO games, as everyone knows - especially if you're OCD like us), due out a little bit later, in the autumn, is LEGO Marvel Avengers, a game which picks up where LEGO Marvel Superheroes left off, and re-tells the story of Avengers: Assemble and the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron - just in the usual, over-the-top, silly Lego way. What's particularly interesting is the fact the press release mentions those two films specifically, but also drops in an 'and more' at the end - what other, Avenger-related escapades have they got planned? Covering all their bases as before, Marvel Avengers will be out on the PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, PS Vita and 3DS too. We're particularly hyped for this one, given how much we enjoyed the other year's LEGO Marvel Super Heroes game. Driving around LEGO Manhattan in a tiny car, with a gigantic LEGO Hulk standing on top, smashing anything that got in our way was as much fun as it sounds - so much so we were actually genuinely upset when we 100%ed it. Sadly, we don't have so much as even a screenshot to share at the moment, with all we have being this admittedly rather swish logo:

Hulk SMASH!!!

Bringing up the rear is the next instalment in the solid LEGO Ninjago series for the 3DS and PS Vita, LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin. Promising a larger, more expansive adventure, the handheld only instalment will tell a previously untold tale of the LEGO ninjas - one previously never before seen in the LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu TV show, which is sure to pique fans' interests. As always, the game will focus on the characters' unique elemental Spinjitzu abilities, which can be used to smash through hordes of enemies and solve simple puzzles. Shadow of Ronin isn't too far away either, hitting the 3DS and PS Vita in a couple of month's time, on the 27th March. Somewhat disappointingly, we have no logo for this one...

Still, the distinct lack of any screens or videos isn't enough to get the big bods at Warner Bros. down, with the execs lining up to tell us how excited they are. According to David Haddad, the Executive Vice President and General Manager of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment "The LEGO videogame franchise remains a cornerstone of our business, consistently delivering fun, engaging gameplay and remarkable humour both kids and adults love. We look forward to expanding the successful series with this very exciting line-up of new LEGO experiences for players of all ages to enjoy on console, handheld and mobile gaming devices." Meanwhile, Tom Stone, the Managing Director at the Lego studio TT Games tells how "This year will be the biggest yet for LEGO videogames with these incredible titles and several firsts for the series. TT Games are crafting humorous LEGO adventures, based on new stories and characters across some of the most well-known and iconic worlds."

In the absence of any more concrete news, we'll leave you with this gif, that more accurately describes how we feel about the new Lego Marvel game:

Awwwwww yeaaaahhhhh.

Rest assured, we'll bring you more as we get it.
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