Gangnam Style coming to Just Dance 4

Odd internet hit Korean pop song hitting the store soon

Gangnam Style coming to Just Dance 4  Everybody Plays
20th October, 2012

It's a song that's taken the world by storm – a somewhat stocky Korean man spouting anti-consumeristic messages, staring at women's backsides and blowing things up. Before the days of YouTube, it's likely the song would barely have made a ripple outside of his native South Korea, but thanks to the wonders of the internet, there aren't many people who haven't had a go at riding invisible horses and singing 'Heeeeyyyy sexy lady'. The handiwork of a previously unknown rapper (at least outside of South Korea) called Psy, the cheesy song's gone on to net nearly half a billion YouTube views, and made the rapper himself a household name across the planet.

With it's rather distinctive dance moves and tongue so firmly in its cheek, it's a wonder you can make out any of the lyrics, it's no wonder things have been quick to try and associate themselves with his catchy moves - even David Cameron and Boris Johnson have had a go at dancing Gangnam Style during a weekend retreat at Chequers. Ever since the video hit YouTube, though, there's been one partnership everybody's been wishing would happen - one that made so much sense, it seemed more like a question of when, rather than if - and now, Ubisoft have put pen to paper to make it happen. Yes, Gangnam Style is coming to Just Dance 4. Set to be released as a download on the Just Dance 4 store for all consoles, Gangnam Style is due out sometime in November, and although we don't have any details on pricing yet, we'd guess you'd be looking at somewhere around the £2 mark, based on the price of Katy Perry's Part of Me which is already up for download. Just when you thought Just Dance 4 couldn't get any better, (or cheesier), Ubisoft go and pull this out of their sleeve.

Oppa Gangnam Style!
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