Final 10 Songs Announced For We Sing Encore

The Twangman contest is now over

Final 10 Songs Announced For We Sing Encore  Everybody Plays
15th June, 2010

We Sing Encore, the sequel to the sold-out We Sing, had already had 30 of it's 40 songs announced via the standard medium of press release, and with a real mix of karaoke classics, and more modern hits, the line-up was already looking pretty solid. 

The remaining ten songs were to be announced - one a day - through a rather inventive game of 'Twangman', a version of the classic hangman game through the social-networking site, Twitter. The remaining ten songs - exclusive to UK versions of the game - are as follows:

Girls Aloud - The Promise

Florence & The Machine - Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)
The Saturdays - Up
Will Young - Leave Right Now
Kasabian - Fire
S Club 7 - Don't Stop Movin'
Stereophonics - Dakota
The Proclaimers - I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)
N Dubz - I Need You
Baddiel & Skinner & The Lightening Seeds - Three Lions

We Sing Encore Screenshot

Cheryl Cole, showing off both her vast vocabulary, and immense lyric-writing skills. No, we don't believe she wrote them herself either.

We Sing Encore is a karaoke game for the Nintendo Wii, due out this July, and comes with a whole host of modes to get you and your friends singing. Featuring both single player and multiplayer modes, allowing up to four players to play either co-operatively, or competitively, there are three different difficulty levels to choose from, meaning whether you're an established songstrel, or a budding primadonna, you'll be able to find a difficulty to suit you.
The game also features a brand-new rewards system - similar to the achievements on the Xbox 360 - that reward players for completing specific challenges in single player, along with a new 'real karaoke' mode, which removes the backing vocals entirely - which sounds rather scary, if you ask us. And even on days when you've got a sore throat, or don't feel like singing, the brand-new jukebox mode allows you to just sit back and listen to the songs.
We've been lucky enough to have been invited to a hands-on preview event for the game, at a Karaoke bar in central London, in around a week's time, so if you want to know how the game's turning out, and whether we think it'll be worth your hard earned cash, be sure to come back in a few weeks time, to read our latest impressions.
Oh, and if you're in the Soho area, it might be an idea to reenforce your windows...
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