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19th June, 2014

Whoever said the best things in life are free certainly had their thinking hat on - but we don't think they meant it quite like this. If you have a mobile phone, and you use O2 as your network, then you can pick up a FREE Skylanders Giant figure from GAME at the moment - while stocks last.

Ever the investigative types, we weren't prepared to risk leading our loyal readers on a wild goose chase, and so we ventured out into the wild outdoors for ourselves, risking life and limb in the wilds of the Merry Hill Shopping Centre in deepest darkest Dudley (well, technically Brierley Hill) to try the offer out for ourselves. And, we're pleased to report it works.

In true Blue Peter fashion, here's one we got earlier:

Yeah, Thumpback!

There are five or six Skylanders Giants available, although now that we've redeemed our code, we can't actually check which ones they are. Which is clever. Off the top of our heads, there's Thumpback (pictured above), the robot Fonz Bouncer, amply chinned Crusher, the uncomfortable looking Hot Head, the legitimately creepy Swarm, and the somehow less terrifying armoured eyeball Eye Brawl.

In order to get your free Skylanders Giant, all you have to do is either download the O2 Priority mobile app onto your Android/iOS phone, or head to the website here, and log in using your O2 phone number. Once you've done that, you'll need to choose the Skylanders Giant offer, and this is where the options divulge. If you're on PC, feel free to click the link to add it to your offers - but if you're on a mobile DO NOT CLICK "USE NOW". On PC, adding it to your offers will send you a text with a link in, which will take you to the webpage you need when you click it on your phone.

Then, all that's left to do is to head to the nearest GAME, and then whip your phone out and choose "use now", because as soon as you click the button, you only have 15 minutes to redeem it in store. Run to the shop assistant, shove the phone in their face and stand smiling as they hand over your £10 worth of free plastic toys-to-life goodness, as Bob is your proverbial mother's brother.

You can only use the offer once, but if you have friends and family on O2, feel free to drag them along so you can add a few more to your collection. There are only a limited number available through O2 Priority Moments, and the offers are while stocks last anyway, so it'd probably be a good idea to check with your local GAME store before you set out. If they go slowly, there could be another two weeks left to head down to your nearest store - but seeing as they've already shifted 3,000 of them, and only have about 2,000 left on the O2 app, you're probably best venturing outdoors sooner rather than later.

Happy Skylandering!
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