Fallblox hitting the eShop in November

3DS downloadable puzzler Pullblox sequel now has falling blocks too!

Fallblox hitting the eShop in November  Everybody Plays
9th October, 2012

What do a fat sumo, some birds and a hamburger have in common? If you answered Fallblox, then give yourself a self-adhesive star! The sequel to one of the best-selling puzzle games on the 3DS' downloadable store (and one of our favourites), Fallblox continues Mallo's love of block-shoving but adds a new twist.

In the original Pullblox game, the fat little sumo, Mallo, needed to pull and push a series of differently shaped blocks to make a staircase to the top of the puzzle, and rescue a stranded child. Each block could be pulled out of the screen to three different levels, almost as if they were on rails, and it was arranging them in the right order - stopping periodically to rearrange them as you made your way to the top - that was the challenge. In the sequel, Mallo can now move the blocks around freely, grabbing them from any side he likes – and pulling a block out from under another will cause the top one to fall down and fill in the gap. Requiring a whole new way of thinking about the levels, Fallblox looks set to melt our minds all over again.

Fallblox Screenshot

Because he's a bit on the podgy side, Mallo can't jump very far.

With over 140 levels to solve, plus an incredible 90 training levels (don't worry, that doesn't mean it's a really complex game – just that it takes you through new things quite slowly), there's certainly plenty to be going on with. As with the previous title, you'll also be able to design and share your own levels with friends, and the whole world - so even when you've finished all the stages in the game, you can still have more puzzles to solve.

Except for knowing Fallblox will be hitting the eShop some time this November, we have no concrete release date or price – although we're imagining the latter will be in line with it's predecessor, at about £5.40. If you like puzzle games, you really should think about picking up the original game - and if you hurry, it's available at a discounted price of £4.49 for this week only.
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