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Talent recruitment ad leaks news of new game

Exclusive Just Dance 5 in development  Everybody Plays
26th September, 2012

While anticipation for Just Dance 4 reaches fever pitch ahead of its launch in just under a week's time, it seems publisher Ubisoft may already looking to the future, as news of a sequel (or should that be cinquel) reaches Everybody Plays.

Thanks to our super-sleuth detective skills (read: we just stumbled across it on Google), we've discovered an advert with a company called Casting Now, who are casting for dancers to appear in a new Just Dance game, that they specifically refer to as being Just Dance 5.

The casting will be held at the L'Agence Dancefloors in central Paris, a recording studio/performance space and talent agency, whose website also tells us a little bit more about exactly what performers will be required to do. Presumably looking for dancers to be digitised, and play the brightly coloured background dancers that you follow in the game, applicants must be aged 18 to 40, with an "athletic physique", and experience dancing a number of different styles, including Dancehall, Reggaeton, Merengue, Girly, Hip Hop, and LA style. Sadly, no sign of Gangnam, then.

Just Dance 4 Screenshot

Well, that's the girly style covered, then.

According to the L'Agence Dancefloors site, an audition has already been held in Italy in July of this year, looking for dancers with a similar set of requirements - although this one gives us a little more insight into the recruitment process. On the first pass, the agency asked dancers to perform a 40 second improvisation to a track either of their own choosing, or the agency's choice. On the second pass, though, dancers were asked to create a "Just Dance" choreography to one of two pieces - either Mr Saxobeat by Alexandra Stan, or Good Feeling, by Flo Rida - and as the agency specifies "The movements must be simple, original and creative (no dance floor) also requires that the choreography is accessible for people who can not dance (very important)." That's us, then.

Sadly, neither of these tracks give us any insight into a potential Just Dance 5 track list, though, as both are actually taken from the upcoming Just Dance 4, which sees them taking centre stage alongside tracks as varied as Ricky Martin's Livin La Vida Loca, Carly Ray Jepsen's Call Me Maybe, and, er, The Ketchup Song. For the full selection of songs, see our Just Dance 4 song list.

So, if you fancy being the face of the next Just Dance game - or at the very least, one of the neon people in the background, why not fire an email over to the Parisian agency and try your luck? As if you needed any more convincing, both ads went out of their way to say how well paid successful applicants will be, with Casting Now specifying a rate of 800 Euros per shoot for successful applicants (at the time of writing, that's over £650 of real money).

But while we may know Just Dance 5's in development, we have a feeling it's going to be a long time before we find out any more details - with Just Dance 4 having only been announced at LA gaming convention E3 in June of this year, any official confirmation of Just Dance 5 may be many months away.
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