EA says they'll stand by Wayne Rooney

The star's off-the-pitch affairs will have no effect on the FIFA 11 cover

EA says theyll stand by Wayne Rooney  Everybody Plays
7th September, 2010

EA certainly seem to know how to pick their cover stars for their games. First of all, the cover star for EA's golf games, Tiger Woods gets into a bit of extra-marital trouble, leaving the future of the Tiger Woods PGA Tour series in jeapoardy (you can find out what we thought of the latest installment, Tiger Woods 11, on the Wii and 360 here), and now, it turns out another cover star - this time football's Wayne Rooney - hasn't been doing all his tackling on the field, so to speak.

Fortunately for the young Manchester United and England star, who'll appear on the cover of the latest instalment in the immensely popular football series, FIFA 11, EA have decided they're going to stick by their man - regardless of what he allegedly did with another woman while his wife was pregnant, according to the Sunday Mirror.

FIFA 11 Screenshot

Happier times for Mr. Rooney

"There are no changes planned," an EA spokesperson told the industry trade magazine, MCV.

"This is a personal matter and we respect Wayne and his family's privacy. We have worked together for six years and Wayne continues to represent EA Sports. We will be making no further comment at this time."

The news is bound to be of relief to Rooney, who's surely making a pretty penny from the deal, but we don't think EA really had much choice - the cost of recalling, and re-doing all the FIFA 11 boxes would have been astronomical.

Regardless, EA will no doubt be hoping their cover star keeps his laces a bit straighter over the next year.

FIFA 11 will be out on the 1st of October.
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