Donald Duck strolls into Disney Infinity 2.0

Bring on the duck

Donald Duck strolls into Disney Infinity 20  Everybody Plays
16th August, 2014

Oh boy oh boy oh boy; the ultimate hero has been announced for Disney Infinity 2.0 - Donald Duck!

The cantankerous uncle of Huey, Dewey and Louie apparently comes with his 'rage hammer' and the ability to throw a seemingly unlimited number of toys as projectile attacks at enemies.

Donald also appears to be quite the connoisseur when it comes to vehicular mayhem; the trailer sees him race about on horseback, tear down streets at breakneck speeds on a mechanical carriage and pilot a Transformers-like flying mech complete with laser guns. Talented guy that Donald, I didn't realise he had a pilot's licence.

The stocky duck is also said to come with the 'All For One' Power Disc, which changes him out of his normal blue jacket and beret, and into his Three Musketeer's costume (complete with a rather fetching feathered hat), and it grants him a sword as well for plenty of swashbuckling action.

Much like the other Disney Originals characters, Donald can only be used in the Toy Box mode of Disney Infinity 2.0.

Disney Infinity 20 Marvel Superheroes Screenshot

Eat your heart out Mr. Toad, Donald's the fastest petrolhead in town

Donald Duck is due to launch at an undisclosed date this Autumn, presumably somewhat close to Disney Infinity 2.0's release date of 19th September.

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