Disney Infinity 3.0 character leak reveals Olaf and Mulan

A snowman and a Chinese legend fighting side by side? What could go wrong!

Disney Infinity 30 character leak reveals Olaf and Mulan  Everybody Plays
22nd April, 2015

While any official confirmation of the figure-buying, portal-placing, co-op adventure sequel Disney Infinity 3.0 may be a way off just yet, it seems that a new installment is certainly in the works. At least, if a Chinese retailer is to be believed - as that's where a number of brand new Disney Infinity figures mysteriously surfaced - before being promptly taken down.

Seemingly an innocent mistake by the Chinese retailer, Taoboa, their site contained listings for a line up of 11 potential figurines, from the unbelievable Frozen sensation, Olaf, to classic characters like Mulan, Sam Flynn and Quorra from Tron Legacy, and five yet unknown characters from Disney's summer film, Inside Out. Maybe it's just us, but five characters seems like it might be a bit of overkill on that front. Rounding up the leaked figures were two of the most requested figures of all time - Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, which may finally be making their debut in Disney Infinity 3.0.

Of course, it should be noted this leak seemingly only covers the "classic" character side of the game, as Disney Infinity 3.0 is strongly rumoured to be Star Wars themed, as we revealed last November.

Disney Infinity Screenshot

I'm Olaf! I like warm hugs and internet leaks! 

This would usually be the point where we'd provide you with screenshot evidence - but unfortunately, all trace of these listings ever having existed has now been removed from the Internet. Some images were promptly snapped by fan site Infinity Inquirer - however, since then, someone has been working very hard to have all images of the leak removed, with Disney Interactive having apparently asked them to take it down. Of course, all this does is make us think there may be more to the rumour than meets the eye, hence why Disney are so desperate for it to remain secret. But with giant gaming convention E3 just around the corner, the truth will be revealed soon! All I ask for is 101 Dalmatians!
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