Cutesy adventure World of Final Fantasy looks amazing

With chibi characters and rideable monster companions

Cutesy adventure World of Final Fantasy looks amazing  Everybody Plays
16th June, 2015

For Final Fantasy fans, Sony's E3 conference last night/this morning (at 1:30am to be exact) would have stirred up some powerful feelings. With a remake of what many regard as one of the best games in the series, Final Fantasy VII, on the horizon - and looking seriously swish - the game that was announced just before it will likely be overshadowed by its older brother. But the cutesy new role playing game, World of Final Fantasy still looks amazing, even if we know relatively little about it - plus, it has Cloud in it, so you Final Fantasy VII fans should be satisfied at least.

Set in the land of Grimoire, World of Final Fantasy sees two siblings about to embark on an epic adventure, as is always the way in these sort of games. With a main guy who has more than a passing resemblance to Kingdom Hearts Roxas, his sister, and what looks to be a cute little flying squirrel thing as a sidekick, the tale promises to be a bit of a peculiar one, with references to the "terrible past that you caused" and talk of "memories lost slowly being drawn back in". But concrete details are slim pickings at the moment, leaving us with little more to do than speculate.

World of Final Fantasy Screenshot

Still - at least they seem happy.

From the sound of it, your two pint-sized protagonists are able to change size at will, shrinking down to their 'chibi' bobble-headed forms to ride on the back of familiar Final Fantasy monsters (that you can befriend!) - or blowing themselves up to their more human proportions so the miniature Cactuars, Chocobos and Black Mages can ride on you instead. How this plays into battles exactly remains to be seen, but we imagine there'll be some kind of advantage to the team up stacks, like boosted stats or new elemental attacks and the like. Likewise, it appears enemies can pile themselves up too, for face offs that appear to be traditionally turn based - but again, all this is mostly conjecture at the moment.

There was also a fair few cameos from old Final Fantasy characters - and while only Final Fantasy VII's Cloud and the Onion Knight from Final Fantasy III were shown, we wouldn't be surprised if you run into the whole gamut of Final Fantasy protagonists and team mates during the course of the game, all given an adorable makeover. Whether they'll be able to join in with your tower-building battles as part of your party, or whether they'll simply feature in the story though remains to be seen.
World of Final Fantasy Screenshot

Kind of looks like you're just wearing elaborate headgear...

Either way, we're seriously excited for World of Final Fantasy, which is due to hit the Playstation 4 and PS Vita in 2016. But if you don't have either console, we wouldn't worry too much - given that it specifies you'll be able to play it 'first' on Playstation platforms, we wouldn't be surprised if other formats follow later. Why not check out the seriously adorable trailer below:
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