Big Hero 6's Hiro and Baymax come to Disney Infinity 2.0

The brains and the brawn of the new Disney/Marvel film are coming to the Toy Box

Big Hero 6s Hiro and Baymax come to Disney Infinity 20  Everybody Plays
5th September, 2014

Disney have lifted the lid on the next two characters for their upcoming "toys to life" game, Disney Infinity 2.0 (for a lowdown on the figure-buying, portal-placing, co-op fun that is Disney Infinity 2.0, check out our Disney Infinity 2.0 beginner's guide). In a move that we probably should have seen coming, it's been revealed that Hiro and Baymax, the main characters from the upcoming Disney/Marvel film Big Hero 6, will be the next Disney characters to be getting the plastic makeover.

Giant red robot Baymax, and brainiac Boy Hiro - the latest Marvel super hero team

Despite being Marvel super heroes in their own right, the Disney Infinity website classifies the duo as 'Disney Originals', which means rather than having their own Play Set, or being able to delve into other people's story driven Play Sets, these two will only be playable in the creation-themed Toy Box mode, much like Tinkerbell, Stitch, and the other Disney characters announced so far.

Players will be able to use Hiro's mind power, microbots and booster jumps to defeat enemies, while Baymax has his super strength, a nifty rocket fist ability to take down bad guys, and flight power, which... well, presumably lets him fly around a bit.

Also unusually, despite the two characters being described as BFFs, the two characters will actually be sold separately at launch. In another unfortunate move, while the film will be cinemas this November, the two newly unveiled figures - Hiro the 'Genius' and Baymax the 'Super Robot' won't be in stores until an undisclosed time during 2015.

A Big Hero 6 'Chem Capsule Power Disc' will also be available - this disc will allow players to freeze enemies, although it's unclear as to whether this will come included with one of the characters, or will be sold blind bagged in stores like the other Disney Infinity power discs.

Disney Infinity 2.0 is due for a release in just under a fortnight's time - for more on the game, and whether it's something you should be excited about too, check out our extensive preview of the game's Toy Box mode. In the mean time, why not check out the trailer below to see the two figures in action:

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