Armored Warfare out now on PS4 - and PS+ owners get a free tank

Free to play modern tank action finally gets a console outing

Armored Warfare out now on PS4 and PS owners get a free tank  Everybody Plays
22nd February, 2018By Ian Morris

With millions of players having already signed up for action on PC, Armored Warfare has now officially rolled out on Playstation 4 as well, letting console owners around the world get in on the tank on tank action.

Looking to fight for Wargaming's crown, the World of Tanks competitor offers a game that feels (and looks) rather similar, yet that has enough unique features to make it stand out. With modern vehicles replacing WW2 tanks, you'll be able to get into the driver's seat of a wide variety of current armoured fighting vehicles, from main battle tanks like the Challenger, to lighter, more recon oriented units like the Scimitar, and a wide range in between. With Russian, German, Chinese, British and American vehicles in the game, everyone's sure to find their tank of choice.

In terms of gameplay, Armored Warfare has a bit more of a co-operative emphasis. While there's still plenty of team on team action, the game also features an impressive co-op mode, that sees you and a team of friends taking on the computer in a wide variety of different maps and situations.

As a free to play game, there's no charge for getting in on the fun - and a Playstation Plus subscription is not required. However, if you are a PS+ member, you'll actually be able to download a special starter pack from the Playstation Store, giving you a wide variety of helpful goodies.

In total, the pack includes:

  • A unique LAV-150 90 vehicle with a PlayStation skin
  • One day of Premium Time
  • 500K game credit
  • 500 gold

If you're a fan of World of Tanks, War Thunder, or just fancy getting behind the wheel (or sticks?) of some modern tanks, why not give Armored Warfare a try today?

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