Skylanders Trap Team

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Parent's Guide
EPAL Ability Level
Level 3
Mature Content
Skylanders Trap Team boxart



Toys For Bob

Players (local)

1 - 2

Number of save slots


Game Type

Full Release



Skylanders toys appear in McDonald's Happy Meals - could this be a clue to the next game?

Collectible toys include villains - gosh darn you America!

Skylanders Minis coming to Skylanders Trap Team

Honey I shrunk the Skylanders

Skylanders Trap Team now coming to tablets

Should that be Skylanders Tap Team then?

Skylanders Eon's Elite toys launching in Autumn

Skylanders premium figures come with triple the power and shiny foil wrapping


Hands-on with Skylanders: Trap Team's Minis

Turning up the cute


The cheapest way to get all the Skylanders: Trap Team traps

Here's all you need to trap all the villains in the latest Skylanders game.

Skylanders Minis: The Guide. Where to buy, what they are, and which ones you need

Figures to make you go awwwwwwwww

Interview: Skylanders Trap Team - High end 'rawwwr'

We grill Toys for Bob President, Paul Reiche, about the latest in the toy swapping series.

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