Pokemon Omega Ruby

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Level 3
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1 - 4

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2 - 4

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Full Release



Get a free Genesect download in the latest Pokemon distribution event at GAME

Legendary Pokemon can be yours via Mystery Gift if you get a handy download code from your nearest GAME this November

Last chance to get your paws on Darkrai and Zygarde in the latest Pokemon distributions

Legendary Pokemon up for grabs as 20th Anniversary giveaways continue

Mythical Pokemon Hoopa is up for grabs once more!

Halloween special 'mon comes back for a second go

Last chance to nab yourself a free Legendary Pokemon Jirachi

The Wish Pokemon stars in Nintendo's 20th Anniversary celebrations for April

Celebrate Pokemon's 20th Anniversary with a free Celebi

Download Celebi to your 3DS from today!

Free Mew up for grabs at GAME in the latest Pokemon giveaway

Get the elusive legendary for free in store in February!

Pikachu is coming to the Build-A-Bear Workshop

STOP THE PRESSES! Now you can have your own cuddly electro-mouse!

Free Hoopa Pokemon available at GAME this Halloween

Hoopa will be descending on us soon!

Carve yourself a perfect Pokemon pumpkin this Halloween

With the help of some downloadable stencils

Japan's Pokemon Train is the coolest train you'll ever see

Specially themed set brings smiles to parts of Japan affected by the 2011 tsunami

Get a free Darkrai in the latest GAME Pokemon distribution

Want a legendary? Want it for free? Then get down to your local GAME and pick one up!

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Cafe Opens In Shibuya, Tokyo

A wild Pokémon cafe appears?! But not for long...

Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire demo out now - here's how to get it

A quick round-up of the all the places you can try your luck at getting a demo code

Soarin' over Hoenn, and the return of Pokemon-Amie in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

A new way to get around, and two new mega-evolves coming to the Poke-remakes

Pikachu Cosplay, Pokemon Contests and new Mega 'mon in the Ruby and Sapphire Remakes

New feature lets you dress Pikachu up in the return of Pokemon-Amis

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What are the differences between Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire?

Not sure which version to get? We round up the differences inside!

The Six Creepiest Pokemon OF ALL TIME

A Ghastly selection of the scariest 'mons for Halloween!

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