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Potty for puzzles? Loony for Layton? Fan of family games? We want to you to write for us!

Writers wanted  Everybody Plays
5th July, 2014

Everybody Plays is expanding - and as General Pepper once said, "We need your help", Starfox!

We're currently looking to take on a selection of new writers to help across every part of the site, from writing news and reviews, to offering opinion pieces about your favourite games, and telling the world all about it.

With a focus on games beyond the standard 'AAA' shooters, and a majority female readership, Everybody Plays is a home for the wider audience. Whether you're a Bejewelled addict, a point and click wizard, a Mario master, or you simply play anything and everything you can get your hands on, you could be the writer we're looking for!

Whether you only have time to write an article once a month, or can get through several a day, we'd love to hear from you. No experience is necessary - all we're looking for is the ability to write, and the ability to write well.

While we have no specific criteria a writer must meet, we would be particularly eager to hear from parents who'd be willing to write about their family's experiences with games for the site. Helping other parents find games their children will be able to enjoy, through our Parental Reviews, is a huge part of the site - and the only real way to know how a child will handle a game is to try it out with a child themselves!

To begin with, any position will be on a voluntary basis, although regular contributors will have periodic access to early review copies.

If you'd be interested in applying, please send an email to writers{at}everybodyplays.co.uk

We look forward to hearing from you!

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