Top 10 Disney Infinity Star Wars: Rise Against the Empire Easter eggs

Studio Gobo's Play Set is a love letter to the original trilogy - but how many of these did you spot?

Top 10 Disney Infinity Star Wars Rise Against the Empire Easter eggs  Everybody Plays
26th January, 2016

Disney Infinity 3.0 was the Disney Infinity that got just about everything right, and it's easy to see a lot of love went into making it. If you ever stop and look a little closer, you'll often see that there's more to each of the story driven Play Sets than meets the eye. Rise Against the Empire, a Play Set set during the events of the original Star Wars trilogy is no exception, with Brighton based developers Studio Gobo having crammed the game full of references, jokes and Easter eggs for Star Wars fans to spot. We sat down with the team to come up with a list of the top 10 easter eggs that are hidden away in the game - so why not see how many you've spotted, and make sure you check the rest out on your next play session!

Not the droids you're looking for


Our first Easter egg is hidden on Tatooine, and can be done from the very start of the game. Just round the back of the greatest hive of scum and villainy is the Mos Eisley cantina, whose bartender, Wuher, famously doesn't like droids. In the film, he demands Luke leave his droids outside - but here they don't even get that far! If you throw a droid into Mos Eisley cantina, it'll be thrown back because of Wuher's disliking of droids. Apparently they take up the space, but don't pay for their food.

Jar Jar where he belongs

Disney Infinity 30 Rise Against the Empire Screenshot
Our next Easter egg should raise a smile amongst those less fond of one of the Star Wars universe's most infamous characters. Hidden at the back of Jabba's Palace, high up on a cliff, is a familiar face encased in carbonite. No, not Han Solo - this time Jar Jar Binks seems to have fallen foul of the Hutt, which probably explains where he's been since Episode III...

That's no moon... it's a snowball!

Disney Infinity 30 Rise Against the Empire Screenshot
This one's really well hidden. In front of Echo Base on Hoth, there's an interactive snowball hidden on a ledge, just off a cliff. This will only show up once you've finished the game's main story missions (i.e. you've blown up the Death Star II), and had the credits roll. It's impossible to get to from the ground, but if you go round the long way, you can drop off the cliff and land next to it. Of course, this being a snowball, there's only one thing to do - roll it! Brilliantly, you can do exactly that, with the snowball getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger. At full size, it's almost as big as an AT-AT!
Disney Infinity 30 Rise Against the Empire Screenshot

Sounds rather perilous...

Disney Infinity 30 Rise Against the Empire Screenshot
That's not the only secret hiding on Hoth, though. Round the back of Echo base is a long canyon. If you go to the far end (the opposite end of the base to the various buildings), and jump in just the right place, you can actually find a hidden rail-slide that runs the whole length! It's like Hoth Snow Boarding, and you can check the slide's location, and how it works in the video below:

Aren't you a little short for a bounty hunter?

Disney Infinity 30 Rise Against the Empire Screenshot
Meanwhile, on the forest moon of Endor, there's a fair few secrets too. One of the ones that might pass you by is Leia's helmet from her bounty hunter disguise as Boushh, which she used in her attempt to rescue Han Solo from Jabba the Hutt. Decorating the awesome Ewok Customisation Hut, the Boushh helmet sits alongside several stormtrooper helmets, a few Tusken Raider hats, and what looks like some sort of pig's head on the left hand side.

When 900 years old you reach, look as good, you will not

Disney Infinity 30 Rise Against the Empire Screenshot
One of the nicest features in Disney Infinity 3.0, and Rise Against the Empire, is that you can unlock artwork for collecting certain well hidden collectibles known as Holocrons. Tucked away in certain corners of the levels, these Holocrons will unlock a number of pieces of artwork that famed concept artist Ralph McQuarrie did for the original trilogy - like the atmospheric piece above.

Your eyes can deceive you

Disney Infinity 30 Rise Against the Empire Screenshot
Once you've finished the game's main story levels, the game starts to take down some of its boundaries, and more possibilities open up. Rather than being locked to their specific planets, creatures such as the huge woolly banthas and tauntauns can be summoned on any planet - so you can ride a Tauntaun on Tatooine, or a Bantha on Endor. All you have to do is go to K-3PO on the relevant planet, and buy a pen expansion, which will set you back 500 credits, and you'll be able to spawn Banthas and Tauntauns whenever you want!

Rogue Five, standing by

Disney Infinity 30 Rise Against the Empire Screenshot
In fact, it's not just animals that can go between planets - so can vehicles! Whether that means freeing a Snowspeeder from the icy tundras of Hoth to take it for a spin round Tatooine's Beggar's Canyon, or dodging the trees on Endor aboard your T-16 Skyhopper, more ships on more planets means more freedom - and more fun - but only once you've finished the game!

Indiana Solo

Disney Infinity 30 Rise Against the Empire Screenshot

It's not just Star Wars properties the game has references to, either. One of the game's "feats" (essentially little objectives like in-game achievements/trophies) is called "It Belongs in a Museum", which asks you to find a piece of Jabba's contraband, hidden somewhere in the desert on Tattooine while playing as Han Solo - a nod to Harrison Ford's later success as the intrepid explorer.

Shadows of the Empire is canon!

Disney Infinity 30 Rise Against the Empire Screenshot
And, while it hasn't been mentioned officially by the development team, the eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed a certain ship cruising the skies above Tattooine. Bonus nerd points to those who identified the pic above as being of Dash Rendar's ship from Shadows of the Empire, the Outrider. Originally released on the N64 and PC way back in 1996, Shadows of the Empire was a heck of a game - and one that was originally inteded to have a film too. A Star Wars "media project", Shadows of the Empire took in a game, novel and comic book series, telling the tale of Dash Rendar, a smuggler and Han Solo-alike who gets caught up in the war between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire - only for a third party, a powerful criminal underworld leader known as Prince Xizor to get involved too. With bounty hunters, set pieces and plenty of Star Wars fun, the game, and the entire project eventually came full circle, with Rendar's ship, the Outrider finding its way into the remaster of A New Hope, flying - you guessed it - above Tattooine - and now it's been immortalised in Disney Infinity's recreation too.


Rise Against the Empire, like the rest of Disney Infinity 3.0 has clearly been a real labour of love, and these Easter eggs are just some of the little nods, references, and cool bits and pieces the developers have hidden amongst the levels. Next time you have a play, make sure to keep your eyes open, and explore every nook and cranny - after all, you never know what you might find!

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