Rune Factory 4 Diary #4: Love is in the air

Oh Dylas, you sexy beast-man...

Rune Factory 4 Diary 4 Love is in the air  Everybody Plays
29th December, 2014
If you haven't already, you'll probably want to go back and read Rune Factory Diaries #1, #2 and #3 before starting this. It may not make too much sense otherwise!

There's nothing like the recent festivities to get you in the mood for love. Something about the snow falling softly outside, twinkling Christmas lights and the heady mix of citrus and spices - and of course, the mystical mistletoe. Which, by the way, only really has magical properties if it's cut from the tree on the sixth day of the month, by a druid wielding a golden sickle and caught in a white cloak before it touches the ground, after which a sacrifice is made to the gods over a banquet - and we doubt the local Tescos goes to that much trouble. So tell that to the next guy who tries to accost you under the mistletoe.

Anyway, we digress. Seeing as we were feeling particularly frisky today, we decided it might be a good time to turn on some of the princessly charm, and score us a boyfriend. Because we love the deep, brooding types. And ones with a bit of a manly, rugged hairy-ness to them - and you can't get much furrier than Dylas.
Rune Factory 4 Screenshot

Ah, Dylas. How we long to brush your fur like we do Gerald the Chipsqueek's every morning...

Still, like any good, and totally non-stalkerish bride to be, we spend the first few days drafting out a plan of attack, following our quarry around the village, so we know his every movement like the back of our hand. Perfect for arranging those chance meeting, don't you know?

Before too long, "the day" rolls around, and we begin our plan of attack with a greeting, bounding up to our fuzzy friend first thing the following morning. With a cheery 'good morning!', we got nothing but a '…What?!' and a scowl in return. We get the feeling Dylas might be a bit of a tough nut to crack - although we imagine once we do, there'll be a gooey, sweet centre in which we can lose ourselves. Or at least, we hope there is.

Undaunted by the slightly lacklustre conversation we had earlier, we try step two of winning over Dylas - presents. Seeing as he seems to have cat-like ears and a tail, we logically conclude he must like fish, and spend the rest of the afternoon trying to catch the perfect fish and cook it into the best dish we can. A way to a man's heart is through his stomach, after all. When we're finally convinced we've made the perfect conction, we move in and hand over the Rainbow Sashimi - only to be met my a cursory 'Thanks'. Crushed, we head off to bed to sleep off our heartbreak, trying to convince ourselves we saw a faint glimmer of recognition as we handed over the fish dish.
Rune Factory 4 Screenshot

We fished and cooked so much we nearly fainted from exhaustion. And Dylas didn't seem to care.

We wake the following morning with a new sense of determination - and a new plan. We can't really expect love to blossom overnight, just by saying a couple of words each morning - we need to be more proactive. Take the initiative; make the first move. We're going to invite him out on a date. Somewhere peaceful, romantic and quiet. Somewhere where we can get to know the real Dylas, without the prying eyes of that gossip Kiel.

Where else to take the darkly disturbing Dylas than the nearby Obsidian Mansion, a haunted house that subtly mirrors how hauntingly perfect we find him? Although, given his usual way with words, such a metaphor is likely to be completely lost on him. Plucking up our courage, we stroll up to him and casually ask if he'd like to join us on an adventure, to which we get a vaguely positive 'I guess'

Score! So off we trot with Dylas in tow, heading for the spooky house.

After an uncomfortably silent journey (some may like the strong, silent types - we prefer the unhinged gabblers), we soon arrive at the somewhat imposing mansion, and the date is ready to begin. However, no sooner have we taken a few steps towards the house than we realise we've arrived on the wrong side! Not wanting to admit our mistake, or show any weakness in front of Dylas, we decide to instead sneak in the side door - and our plan would have gone swimmingly, if it weren't for the boss lurking on the other side. Yes, the date's only been going for a few seconds, and already Dylas finds himself fighting for his life. It usually takes at least a few hours. Still, what better way to test your new relationship's lasting power than staring down certain death with your new beau?

Fortunately, we're a dab hand with the dual blades, and the freaky puppet harlequin thing that confronts us is soon defeated, and better yet, we managed to do it all ourselves, protecting our brave and handsome friend, who leaves with nary a scratch. Take that, traditional gender roles. The tumblr feminists would be proud. Carrying on through the mansion, we find ourselves in a long, narrow hallway - which would be the perfect private spot for a bit of one on one time, if we didn't end up under attack by some ghosts and slimes. Although our latest foes were little match for our dual blade, lttle did we know though that just a little further down the hall lay a trap. A trap which when triggered, drops all sorts of stuff on your head. So what does Dylas do? Gets himself crushed under a load of falling rubbish and faints. What a way to put a downer on our date...
Rune Factory 4 Screenshot

Perhaps kicking off with a boss fight didn't get things off to the greatest of starts...

Fortunately though, we know how to heal, and quickly have the furry guy back on his feet. But we're not sure Dylas saw it that way, as he suddenly says more words than we've ever seen him say in one go - "Look at the time. Sorry but I've got prep work to get done for tomorrow. Later.". And with a flash of light he's gone, teleported back to town and away from our disaster of a date. What's worst is when we headed back ourselves we found him simply standing in the town square, doing nothing. Some prep work!

But perhaps all is not quite lost, as the following day we bound up to him, sashimi in hand, and he somewhat awkwardly says "Hey, uh... thanks. For everything. So um, here. A thank-you gift". And gives us a flouder. A flounder we shall treasure forever. Or at least until it starts to stink out the fridge.

Sarah's adventures have been just a small taste of the fun you can get up to Rune Factory 4. Out now on the 3DS eShop, make sure you check out our full review, parental review, and enter our competition!
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