How to be a bad guy in LEGO City Undercover

Learn about wheelin', dealin' and stealin' from LEGO City's finest

How to be a bad guy in LEGO City Undercover  Everybody Plays
25th March, 2013

At ease, recruit! I... I have to admit I'm not looking forward to this. Five articles ago, we started our journey through LEGO City. Through the highs and the lows, you've stuck by me - we've helped each other out, and I'd like to think you've learned a lot along the way - a lot that'll make you a great new police officer. I... I'm proud of you to have come this far. Hold on, I'm getting a little choked up.

Hey, what?

[bashing and crashing]Ho ho ho! Guess who? Save me all that soppy crap and wave goodbye to Mr. Bow tie - let's teach you something you'll really be able to use. My name is, er, Reginald Furry, and I'll be your instructor today. So here's how to take the saps of LEGO City for all they're worth: 

Don't let anyone stand in your way

LEGO City Undercover Screenshot

I mean it, bro. If you're running down the street after you've robbed a bank, or stolen a purse from a little old LEGO lady or something, don't worry about trying to dodge people. Just run into them, and you'll send them flying, because that's how tough you are. Even better, if you're in a car, and the police are chasing you down, don't worry about driving down the road, dude. There are way too many cars to dodge there, and you wouldn't want to risk slowing yourself down. Just drive down the pavement instead. You don't have to worry about crashes, and you can laugh as all the mugs dive out the way of your car only to be squished by another!

Take them for a ride

LEGO City Undercover Screenshot

Don't you just hate that feeling when you're trying to manoeuvre a massive articulated truck you've just stolen, and some inconsiderate pleb toots you when you accidentally reverse into his car? Next time, maybe you should give this a try. Just walk up next to his car, and press X, and you'll automatically hop in, spouting some rubbish about it being "police business" or something. Then, while he's still trying to figure out what happened, you can drive off - with his missus in tow! She may be smiling on the inside, but you know she's bricking it on the inside. OHHHHH!!!!!

The Great Train Robbery

LEGO City Undercover Screenshot

You know, us crooks have the worst possible rep, but we're not really all that bad. In fact, we're not even the most dangerous thing in LEGO City - that has to go to the trains and trams that drive round the town. These things are heartless, man - if you get in their way, they won't even think about slowing down. It's like they've got a schedule to stick to or something. Either way, their stubbornness is something you can use to your advantage. If you've got a load of people that are getting on your nerves, just nick their cars, and line them up on the railway line. Wait for the train to come by, and BOOM - sit back and watch the fireworks.

The Great Train Robbery, Part Two

LEGO City Undercover Screenshot

Of course, sometimes blowing up the cars of your enemies just isn't enough. Sometimes, you need to do it for yourself. Good thing you can take over the trains then. While it's a bit tricky to do, 'cause trains are fast moving and stuff, it is possible. All you have to do is wait in place, press X, and you'll jump into the drivers seat, putting you at the wheel of hundreds of bricks of pure destruction. Just wait for someone to pull out in front of you now - or wait at the level crossing, crouching, ready to pounce when they least expect it. Bang!

The Great ATM Robbery   

LEGO City Undercover Screenshot

Short of cash? No worries. All you have to do is put on your crook disguise (you do have a crook disguise, don't you? Trust me, you don't want anyone knowing your real identity when you're pulling these things off), and stand in front of one of the ATMs. Push a button and - blammo - you'll smash the thing to pieces! All you have to do then is make off with the money inside. Want more? If you're appropriately disguised, you can crowbar locked doors open, and even crack safes thanks to your stethoscope. With the right tools, you've got everything you need to be the world's greatest robber.

The world second's greatest bank robber, that is. Second greatest after me. That's right, Rex... I mean, Reginald Furry. Wait, what's that sound? Uh oh, looks like my time here is up. See you later, loser! And don't try and steal my patch!

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