WIN: Premium Sherman Fury and Tiger 131 for World of Tanks Console

We have five sets of tanks to give away, each with 7 days of premium account - but you've got to be in it to win it!

WIN Premium Sherman Fury and Tiger 131 for World of Tanks Console  Everybody Plays
26th January, 2017By Ian Morris

When it comes to standing out in the frantic WW2 skirmishes of World of Tanks, there's nothing quite like a good premium tank. Rare, powerful, and often fully loaded, premium tanks are some of the most unusual - and coolest - tanks in the game (we still love our hard earnt Girls und Panzer tank) - and thanks to our good friends at Wargaming, you can get your hands on two premium tanks of your own.

We have five bundles to give away, each worth 50 Euros, which will let you get your hands on two of the game's rarest war machines. Each bundle includes the following:

  • Premium Tank: Tiger 131
  • Premium Tank: Sherman Fury
  • 7 days of premium account
  • Two garage slots - one for each tank

A "dogfight doubles" type set based around the 2014 WW2 epic film, Fury, the Sherman and the Tiger are evenly matched foes. In game, the Sherman Fury is an authentic recreation of the tank captained by Brad Pitt's character, Wardaddy. While it may not pack quite the same punch as the Sherman Firefly, it is a lot rarer, and weighs in as a Tier VI medium tank, coming loaded with the stock 76mm gun, along with the Mentor skill, granting your crew a 10% XP bonus when fully trained.

The Tiger 131, meanwhile, is based on a real-life Tiger I that's currently on display at Bovington Tank Museum in the Dorset. Having been captured by the British 48th Royal Tank Regiment in Tunisia in April 1943, during a push by the Germans that went somewhat wrong, the Tiger 131 is the only operating Tiger I in the world - an accolade which saw it earn its starring role alongside the Sherman Fury in the film. Having taken three direct hits from a Churchill, the injured (and presumably spooked) crew abandoned their tank, leaving behind a machine that was otherwise in reasonably good running order. An authentic recreation of the real life machine, the Tiger 131 is a Tier VII heavy tank, and comes with an 8.8cm gun, along with the skill Deadeye, granting you a 3% bonus to any critical damage you deal to modules or crew.

To be in with a chance of winning, simply enter our competition using the handy form below! We should note that the codes will work on the Xbox 360, Xbox One or PS4 versions of the game, and are only valid in the EU region. The competition ends at 11:59pm on 31st January, so be quick - you don't have too much time to get your hands on these juicy freebies!

World of Tanks Console Giveaway - Premium Tiger 131 and Sherman Fury!

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