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15th December, 2015

There's nothing like a good board-game at Christmas time - and this is nothing like a normal board game. The Jackbox Party Pack is a digital quiz game with a difference - bundling five different games together, you get to play along using your phone as your controller, giving you your own personal window to the action. There's no need to download a special app - all you need to do is visit a website in your mobile browser, put in a code and get playing.

With five games on offer in here - You don't know Jack, a game that asks you to guess the right answer to a series of increasingly bizarre questions; Drawful, a kind of strange take on Pictionary where you each have to guess what the other player's drawn, and then try and spot the correct title amongst your guesses; Word Spud, a game about making word from other words; Lie Swatter, a game where you have to decide if a weird fact is a truth or lie; and Fibbage XL - a game that makes you think up a lie to answer a question, and gives you points if your friends think it's true. It's probably worth mentioning here, too, that some of the questions can be on the rude side, so this is one best enjoyed when the kids have gone to bed!

For your chance of winning a copy of the Jackbox Party Pack on PS4 or Xbox One, all you need to do is enter the competition below! You can enter in as many ways as you like - and make sure you follow us on social media to stay in the loop with the rest of our competitions - and all the latest game news!

 Jackbox Party Pack

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