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Everybody Plays isn't a site "by the hardcore, for the hardcore". It's a website for people like you. Games for the rest of us.

Bringing news, previews, and reviews of games to an audience that don't care about polygon counts, Everybody Plays concentrates on the reason we all play games in the first place - the fun.

Helping you choose what is and isn't worth your hard earned cash, our team of experts strive to bring you the latest news and opinions about games that matter to you. Where other sites may focus on only one or two "big" games every year, we give equal footing to the titles other sites don't, from puzzle games to rhythm action games, from point and clicks to platformers, and everything in between. Even games aimed at young children.

To this extent, we also aim to be the internet's first stop for parents looking for games that are suitable for their children. Our Parental Reviews, found in a tab on most reviews, let you see at a glance whether a game's suitable for your child. While PEGI ratings only deal with content, we give each game two seperate ratings - an age rating for its difficulty, and a traffic light rating for its content. Helping parents see at a glance how old a child would have to be to cope with a game, we highlight any questionable content, and provide a summary of what the game's all about, and what your child will actually be doing, giving parents everything they need to make a decision about what's right for their child and family.

Wherever it's possible, we'll also test out the children's games on children themselves - helping get the most accurate opinion of a game possible.

But of course, we aren't just a site for parents looking for games for children. Our site's called Everybody Plays for a reason. Grandparents and parents, teenagers and adults, the young and the young at heart - people of all ages are getting into games, and we're here to help you find games you'll love. We strive to ensure our articles require no prior knowledge of a genre, development team, or series - instead, taking each and every game as a separate entity, explaining what it does well (and not so well) and why.

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