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Tuesday 5th April, 2011

Parental Review: Rabbids 3D

Travelling Bwaaack again

Rabbids 3D Boxart

Rabbids 3D

Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft
Players local: 1

Parental Review
Our parental reviews give games an age rating based on their difficulty/complexity, and use a traffic light system to rate the content, giving parents everything they need to decide on a game's suitability for their children.
Complexity (age)
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Not recommended Your child may find parts of this game frustrating, awkward, or otherwise too difficult.
OK with caution. Certain elements of this game may be too challenging for a child of this age, but they may be able to muddle through. A lot depends on the child.
Suitable. A child of this age should have no trouble getting to grips with the game.
6Recommended Age for Rabbids 3D
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Mature Content
Violence: None
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Games in this category will be very tame. At worst, they may feature unrealistic physicality between/against non-human characters
Bad Language: None
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The strongest language a game in this category may feature is God, Damn, and Hell. Games rated as having no bad language are free of swear words, or other strong language
Sexual Content: None
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Games in this category will be free of overtly sexualised characters or imagery.
Reading Required: No
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Games in this category don't require your child to be able to read, as such - although reading will almost certainly be a benefit
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Parental Review
If you're looking to buy Rabbids 3D for your child, you won't go far wrong. A family friendly, slapstick game, Rabbids 3D sees everyone's favourite Rabbity things (sorry, Max) travelling back through four periods of time in a platforming adventure. With 40 levels on offer, there's plenty of longevity here, with the Time Attack and Challenge modes encouraging you to play through the levels even more, as you attempt to finish them within a certain time limit, or by collecting everything the level has to offer.

There's a decent amount of variety here to stop kids getting bored, and the traditional Rabbidy humour is delivered in spades. The levels themselves are pretty intelligent, too, requiring a good deal of thought in order to complete them, yet alone get everything that's available. With plenty of puzzles to solve, it's a game that'll get your child's brain working, at the same time as them having fun - and that's never a bad thing.
Questionable Content
Rabbids 3D is rated a 7+ by PEGI thanks to non-realistic, cartoon, slapstick violence, which seems a bit heavy handed, to us. What violence there is isn't actually that violent at all - in fact, it's debatable as to whether the foot/hand/head your Rabbid "thwacks" with actually makes contact at all, due to the large cloud that surrounds it when you try to thwack an enemy. There's very, very little in here that could be classed as violence - the only thing that may make younger children jump is that when you die, your Rabbid gets flung at the screen, and splats against it, while appearing to crack the glass.
Family Values
Sadly, there's no multiplayer mode in Rabbids 3D (it's about the only thing they could have added that'd improve it). That said, with a younger child, you may find yourself being called on to explain what certain things mean, as although there's very little writing in the game, it does make a habit of giving you an on-screen pop-up, that'll tell you exactly what to do whenever you approach something that uses a new skill, such as lifting a block, or thwacking a Rabbid. It's only a sentence or two, though, so if anything, it could be a great starting base for a child just learning to read.


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