LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Review
Wednesday 18th May, 2011

Parental Review: Lego Pirates of the Caribbean

Is it any good? Yarrrr!

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Boxart

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean

Platform: Xbox 360
Also on: PS3, Wii
Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios
Developer: Traveller's Tales
PEGI Rating: 7+
Players Offline: 1 - 2
Genre(s): Platform (3D)

Supported Controllers

This game supports the Xbox 360 controller


Parental Review
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Complexity (age)
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Not recommended Your child may find parts of this game frustrating, awkward, or otherwise too difficult.
OK with caution. Certain elements of this game may be too challenging for a child of this age, but they may be able to muddle through. A lot depends on the child.
Suitable. A child of this age should have no trouble getting to grips with the game.
6Recommended Age for Lego Pirates of the Caribbean
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Mature Content
Violence: Cartoon/Implied/Minor
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Sexual Content: None
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Reading Required: No
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Parental Review
LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean has been designed to be played by kids. From the intelligent, but not too challenging puzzle based gameplay, to the slapstick humour, and even the fact that you can't properly die (getting "killed" just sees you break into pieces, and then suddenly reappear exactly where you were), everything comes together to make a game that kids and adults alike will love.

There's very little reading involved here, and everything that does involve reading is backed up with large, friendly icons that indicate almost exactly what you've got to do. For players as young as our recommended age of four, it'd probably be a good idea if you played along with them, at least to begin with, but they'll soon get the idea - and once they do, they'll be off.
Questionable Content
Although it does involve guns, swords, and fights involving both, everything in the game is thoroughly tongue-in-cheek and kid friendly. Enemies simply flash red when hit, and crumple into their component parts when you've "killed" them - it's thoroughly family friendly fun.
Family Values
LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean has been designed to be played in co-op - if you go through in single player, you're really missing out. Each of the levels is filled with puzzles which require two players to complete them - whether you both have to dangle on a wire that pulls a switch, or you simply have to fire your partner onto a different side of the level using a giant catapult, it's a game that requires you to work together - and playing with the computer controlling the second player just isn't the same. Pull up a friend, your other half, or your children and get stuck in, because LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean is a game that anyone can play - and anyone will love.

Format Reviewed: Xbox 360


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