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Skylanders: Swap Force Hands-On Preview

Friday 6th September, 2013

Xbox 360 iconNintendo Wii iconNintendo Wii U iconNintendo 3DS iconPlaystation 3 icon
Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Manhattan and Character Creation

Friday 30th August, 2013

Xbox 360 iconNintendo DS iconNintendo 3DS iconPlaystation 3 iconPS Vita iconNintendo Wii iconXbox One icon
Assemble your own Avenger.
Disney Infinity Preview

Friday 19th July, 2013

Xbox 360 iconNintendo Wii iconNintendo Wii U iconPlaystation 3 iconNintendo 3DS icon
Physical toys and a digital world combine in Disney's take on Skylanders
LEGO Lord of the Rings - Hands-on

Friday 9th November, 2012

Xbox 360 iconNintendo Wii icon
Embark on an epic adventure, and chuck some dwarfs
First Look: Lego Lord Of The Rings Preview

Friday 24th August, 2012

Xbox 360 iconNintendo Wii iconNintendo 3DS icon
One brick to rule them all
Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 Preview

Monday 7th November, 2011

Xbox 360 iconNintendo Wii iconNintendo DS iconNintendo 3DS icon
The sequel to the wonderful wizarding co-op platformer is (nearly) here
Go Vacation Preview (Wii)

Thursday 6th October, 2011

Nintendo Wii icon
Explore Kawawii island, a resort packed with holiday-themed mini-games
Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Preview (Wii, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC and 3DS)
Disney Universe Preview (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii & PC)

Tuesday 6th September, 2011

Xbox 360 iconNintendo Wii iconPC iconPlaystation 3 icon
Suit up.
Rayman: Origins Hands-On Preview

Thursday 4th August, 2011

Nintendo Wii iconXbox 360 icon
Rayman finally makes his return in this co-op platformer
Just Dance 3 Hands-On Preview (Xbox 360)

Monday 1st August, 2011

Xbox 360 iconNintendo Wii icon
I throw my hands up in the air sometimes, when I'm playing Just Dance 3
First Look: Kirby Wii is on it's way

Wednesday 15th June, 2011

Nintendo Wii icon
And this time he sucks!
We Dance (Wii) Hands-On Preview

Tuesday 24th May, 2011

Nintendo Wii icon
We came. We saw. We Danced.
SpongeBob SquigglePants (Wii) Hands-On Preview

Monday 14th March, 2011

Nintendo Wii icon
If nautical nonsense be something you wish, with hundreds of mini-games to accomplish.
Kirby's Epic Yarn Preview (Wii)

Thursday 10th February, 2011

Nintendo Wii icon
Sew maybe it seams like Nintendo are stringing us along with their new game
Just Dance 2 preview and song list

Monday 27th September, 2010

Nintendo Wii icon
Or, how I embarrassed myself at Gamescom, Part 1
We Sing: Robbie Williams Preview

Monday 13th September, 2010

Nintendo Wii icon
Listen to the karaoke game, and you will hear the songs you know
Wii Party Preview

Monday 6th September, 2010

Nintendo Wii icon
We took a trip to Board Game Island
Rock Band 3 Hands-On Preview

Tuesday 24th August, 2010

Xbox 360 iconNintendo Wii iconNintendo DS icon
We wrap our hands around the music game that rewrote the rulebook and taught us to play guitar
uDraw GameTablet Preview

Monday 23rd August, 2010

Nintendo Wii icon
The Wii's latest peripheral looks much more than a gimmick - uDraw studio, Dood's big adventure, and Pictionary(!!!) hit the Wii!
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